Spanish-American War

  • The Overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani

    The Overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani
    The wealthy white planters overthrow Queen Liliuokalani in Hawaii. Then they asked the U.S to annex Hawaii. Source: Textbook
  • Signs of War

    America attempted to negotiate with Spain for peace in Cuba. Spain refused, and although politely, America was frustrated and saddened. Source:
  • The explosion of the U.S.S Maine

    The explosion of the U.S.S Maine
    The U.S.S Maine explodes in Havana, Cuba, killing 260 sailors who were on board. There was much suspicion that the Spanish caused the explosion. Source: Textbook

  • The U.S claims Cuba

    President William McKinley signed a document that claimed independence from Spain and it's military. This document gave Spain three days to respond, in which Spain refused, and the Spainish-American War started. Source: Textbook
  • Declaration of War

    Declaration of War
    America declared war on Spain, because they refused to free Cuba after recieving the document from President McKinley. There were mixed reactions to this declaration, mostly caused by the mixed reactions to the explosion of the U.S.S Maine. Source:
  • Battle of Manilla Bay

    Battle of Manilla Bay
    The Battle of Manilla Bay, Philippine, started and ended on this day. 380 Spainish sailors were dead or wounded, and not a single American soldierhad been killed. Source: Textbook
  • The taking of Guam

    The U.S.S Charleston took the island of Guam with ease. There was some confusion, and a Spanish vessel came alongside the Charleston while it was blasting away at the forts. A Spanish officer aboard the ship came on the Charleston and asked to borrow some gunpowder to return what he thought was a salute. After explaining to him the state of war between the two countries, they took the island quite easily. Source:
  • Battle of San Juan Hill

    Battle of San Juan Hill
    American soldiers attacked San Juan Hill. African-American soldiers and Rough riders helped them capture the hill in a single day. Source: Textbook
  • Spain signs Truce

    Spain signs a truce and Cuba is freed. Later, U.S Secratary of State John Hay calls the Spainish-American War "a spendid little war".
  • Peace treaty signed

    Peace treaty signed
    A final peace treaty between Spain and America is signed in Paris. This treaty gave the U.S other Spanish colonies, including Porta Rico, Guam, and the Philipines. Source: Textbook.