spanish american war

  • United States owns Pearl Harbor

    United States owns Pearl Harbor
    Hawaii granted United States exclusive use to Pearl Harbor. United States used it for a boat refuling station. Source-Wiki
  • Queen Liliuokalani becomes queen

    Queen Liliuokalani becomes queen
    She became queen after the death of her brother who was the king. She wanted planters to have less power. Source-Text
  • Overthrow of Queen

    Planters planned to overthrow Queen lilioukalani. To avoid violence she yielded from her thrown Source-Wiki
  • William Mckinley becomes president

    William Mckinley becomes president
    He sent out the USS Maine which got sunk and still to this day people don't know what exactly happend. He was asassinated in his second term. Source-Wiki
  • Spanish American War takes place

    The war lasted only 6 months. it was easily won by the americans. Source-Wiki
  • Theodore Roosevelt becomes president

    Theodore Roosevelt becomes president
    He became president after President Mckinley was assasinated. Source-Text
  • Russo- Japanese war takes place

    Japan won the war. World observers thoght that Russia would win. Source-Wiki
  • Mexican Revolution begins

    Multi-sided civil war that began in 1910 and lasted until 1920 but there was still conflict in the 1920's. Source-Wiki
  • Panama Canal opens

    Panama Canal opens
    Shortcut that connected the pacific and atlantic ocean. Revolutionized trading for many countries. Souce-Wiki
  • Pancho Villa makes a raid in the United States

    Pancho Villa makes a raid in the United States
    He brought 100 Mexican members to New Mexico to attack. Source-Wiki