Post civil war

Spanish-American War

  • The purchase of Alaska

    The purchase of Alaska
    Sward made the move to purchase Alaska from Russia. Many people disagreed with the purchase because it was a "big cold box."
  • Considering Hawaii

    Seward considered aquiring the Hawaiian islands. Most people didn't agree because it is too far away and too hard to protect.
  • Hawaii grants United States exclusive use of Pearl Harbor

    The United States pressured Hawaii to allow the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. It became an important refueling station for American merchant and military ships going into Asia.
  • Queen Liliokuani becomes leader of Hawaii

    Queen Liliokuani becomes leader of Hawaii
    Queen lilikouani becomes leader of Hawaii. She was the sister of the former leader.
  • Spanish-American war takes place

    Spanish-American war takes place
    President Mckinley did not want the war to happen. The public opinion of his decision forced him to change his mind. He sent the USS Maine to Cuba. After a month, the ship exploded and sank in Havana's Harbor, killling 260 people.
  • Cuba gains independence

    President Mckinley signed a congressional resolution that gave Cuba indepedence. Also demanded a withdrawl of Spanish forces.
  • Battle in Manila Bay

    Battle in Manila Bay
    The battle in Manila Bay started early in the morning. 380 Spanish soldiers died, and 0 Americans died.
  • War ends

    Spain finally signs a truce; the war is over!
  • Final Treaty is signed.

    Final Treaty is signed.
    The final peace treaty was signed in Paris.
  • Open door policy

    Open door policy
    Jon hay (secreatary of state) asked nationsinvolved in the region to follow the open door policy. This means that no countries can have a monopoly or trade with China.
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