Soviet Union Timeline

  • The Communist Manifesto

    The Communist Manifesto
    A political manuscript written by the famed political theorists Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels. This book contains many of their political perspectives about society. And it affected the Russian Revolution and became one of the most influential books for the social revolution.
  • Period: to

    Russian Revolution

  • Birth of Lenin

    Birth of Lenin
    Future leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov "Lenin", is born.
  • Assassination of the Czar

    Assassination of the Czar
    Czar Alexander II is assassinated by a revolutionary group called Land and Freedom. His son reacts by imposing stricter political control and persecuting/exiling liberals and revolutionary groups via secret police.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    The czars troops fired at a group of peaceful protestors creating a massacre recognized within history. The czar was blamed and the people felt bitter toward the government. It is estimated that 1000 people were killed or injured during the shootings.
  • Duma

    The general elected assembly, Duma, is established.
  • Duma restricted for the First Time

    Duma restricted for the First Time
    Duma is power-limited after an anti-government majority is produced. A democracy is unable to be fully achieved because Czar Nicholas is still making all the decisions.
  • The offensive

    A Russian offensive is launched against Austria Hungary.