Sounds of The RIver

  • Republic of China struggles to keep power because of warlordism and the rise of the Communist Party

    struggles to keep power because of warlordism and the rise of the Communist Party
  • Chiang Kai-shek takes power and rids of all Communism. Makes China a Nationalist nation.

  • Japan invades China and stays until 1945

  • Nationalists and Communists unite against Japanese, but start Civil War after Japanese defeat

  • Communists win Civil War over Nationalists

  • Nationalists flee to Taiwan and from a government there

  • China intervenes in the Korean War and sides with the North Koreans

  • Tibet joins People's Republic of China

  • Period: to

    Culture Revolutin under the rule of Mao. Was supposed to revive the revolutionary spirit, but produces choas and trouble.

  • Nixon visits China to try and clean up relations

  • Mao dies

  • The "Gang of Four" fight for power but ended up being arrested for crimes against the state.

  • Deng Xiaping takes power and China under-goes economic reforms.

  • Relations with U.S established

  • Government imposes one child policy to delay population growth

  • Period: to

    Opens the country to foreign investment

  • Jiang Zemen takes over as a Communist leader.

  • Stock markets open in Shanghai and Shenzen

  • Russia and China restore friendly relations

  • Jiang Zemin becomes official president

  • China test missiles on Taiwan strait to intimidate Taiwan during there election

  • China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan meet to solve cultural issues between eachother

  • Hong Kong goes from British control to Chinese control

  • 50th anniversary of the People Republic of China

  • China joins World Trade Organization

  • Hu Jintao named head of Communist party

  • National People's Congress elects Hu Jintao who replaces Jiand Zemin

  • Jiang Zemin steps down as Army Chief

  • Japan and China relations start to go away. Anti-japenese protest occur in China

  • Taiwans Nationalist leader meets in China for first time since 1949

  • Chinese government declares that pollution is heavily affecting everyday life

  • Bejing Olympics

  • Russia and China sign treaty over border dispute

  • 60 year anniversary of Communism

  • China overtakes Japan as the worlds second most powerful government

  • Chinas urban populations is greater than the rural population