Sophomore and Junior

  • Start of the semester

    These two middle years are extremely important. You will be faced with all sorts of dificulties and all sorts of fun!
  • Period: to

    Should I change my major?

    This period is full of questions that you are quarunteed to ask at some point suring this journey. one of which is "Do i want to change my major?" This is a though one but its important to weigh all of your options before you make any ras decisions.
  • Look for an internship

    Right before christmas break starts you want to start searching for an internship. If you get this credit while youre still in school it will make you more qualified once you graduate and in some cases they can even be paid or worth college credit. If you do well in an internship they might even bring you back as a part time employee so the earlier you tackle this, the beter!
  • The most critical finals week ever (juniors)

    Junior year is considered to be the most critical period in your college career. after this last final you will most likely be done with your core classes so you can focus on your major studies. Finally!