Socialization Project Timeline

  • Scott's birth

    I was born in Miami, Florida four days after christmas which i believe has made me appriciate time with family and the values of holidays more.
  • Growing up on Miami

    From ages 1 to 3 I was raised in Miami where the diversity of cultures has created a passion for learning about other cultures and languages.
  • Move to Georgia

    At age of four i moved to Georgia. I left behined old friends and realized that the most important friendships would be made later in life.
  • Living with Uncle

    At age five after moving to Georgia my family stayed with my Uncle for a few months. My Uncle served as a father figure in the early years of my life.
  • Met Bestfriend

    At age seven upon entering second grade I met my bestfriend Drew.
  • First visit back to Jamaica

    At age 10 my sibilings and I first visited our father in Jamaica during the summer and have been doing so ever summer since then. Spending that time with my father has allowed me to be self-secure.
  • Visit to New York

    At age 11 while visiting my aunt and cousins in New York I developed an intrest in electronics. Due to this I plan on pursuing a career in tecnology.
  • Death of Close Friend

    When I was 14 one of my close friends and teammates died while we were at football practice. This event made me realize that tomorrow is not promised and I need to charish all that I have while it lasts.
  • Death of Grandparents

    When I was 16 both of my Grandparents died. I know how they wanted me to live and try to respect what they would have wanted for me.
  • Moving to Milton

    At age 17 I moved to Milton. Again I was leaving behind old friends but this time i had realized who were my true friends as they are the olnly ones who i still keep in thouch with today.