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Sister Irene McCormack

By HannNgo
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    Life of Irene

  • Irene joined the Sisters of St Joseph order

    Irene joined the Sisters of St Joseph order
    During this time, Irene was 17 years old. This was an Australian religious order founded by Mary Mackillop.
  • Received vows as a novice

    Irene received vows and a novice into the order.
  • First vows

    Sister Irene took her first vows during this year.
  • Worked in South Perth

    Irene worked in South Perth years 5-8 for 1 year
  • Final vows

    She took her final vows
  • Irene graduated university

    Irene graduated university
    She graduated from the University of Western Australia
  • Irene became principal

    She became the principal of Kearnan Collage for four years
  • Irene went to Peru

    Irene went to Peru
    Irene became a Peruvian missionary worker in Peru. She helped many children in poverty
  • Irene was killed

    Sister Irene along with five other victims was killed in this day by group members from the Shining Path. She was escorted from her place and through the streets into the public for a public trial. After that they were to lie down and was shot one by one, Irene was the first to be killed. It has been said that Irene's killer was a young girl
  • Irene's funeral

    Irene's funeral
    A funeral mass was held for her and she was buried in the Huasahuasi cemetery.
    Video in memory of Sister Irene