Sister Irene McCormack

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  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    her life
    Sister Irene was born in Kununoppin Australia that was a small country towm and she was raised on a farm.
  • Joined sisters of Joseph

    Joined sisters of Joseph
    Sister irene McCormack joind the sisters of st joseph for those that are in need.
  • Became a novice

    Became a novice
    Sister irene became a Novice before taking her vows.
  • Took final vows

    Sister Irene has tacken her finak vows. This was a sprecial time for her then she graduated.
  • Graduated from University

    Sister Irene graduated from university she went to teach at a school with students.
  • Fnished teaching

    After 30 years of teaching she had fininshed her teaching it was a special moment for her.
  • Went to Peru

    Went to Peru
    Sister Irene went to Peru to help people in need and support.
  • Worked in Huasahusi

    Sister irene worked in Huasahusi to help people and incourage people .
  • Death

    She go exicuted at the back at the head at the town hall just after 8pm.
  • Period: to

    Life of Sister Irene