Significant Inventions from 1930 til now

  • First Tape Recorder

    First Tape Recorder
    The frist tape recorder was invented for broadcasting. It was also the first type of magnetic recording. It was invented by Joseph Begun. I chose this because we have tape recorders in our phones, and the magnetic recording is in our harddrives. Without that, where would we be?
  • First Helicopter

    First Helicopter
    The first successful helicopter was invented in 1939 by Igor Sikorsky. This was a big thing because now we had a fast way of travel. I chose this because we see helicopters everyday, life flight, news etc.
  • First Harddrive

    First Harddrive
    The frist harddrive was invented by a team lead by Ray Johnson. Earlier, the harddrives were big and cumbersome. I chose this because harddrives are everywhere now. They are a big part of our lives.
  • Internet

    The internet actually first came from when we launched sputnik. We used online communications to gather information from this satalite. Many years later, in 1990, it came about as a search engine, place to put up information, etc. I chose this because the internet is a big part of our lives. What would we do without it?
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    In 1956 the first floppy disk was invented. This was a significant event because floppy disks were like the forst thumb drives. I chose this because we use things like thumb drives all the time to transfer information from one place to another.
  • First Email

    First Email
    the first email was invented by a man named Ray Tomlinson. I chose this because we use emails all the time in our lives. We use them for information, notifications, and as quick letters to many people.
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
    The first cell phone was a very helpful device. Now we didn't need to worry about getting where we need to go with no ride. This brick phone was certainly a very great invention. It weighed two pounds and could only call. I chose this because this was the beginning of part of the world we kno today.
  • First Text Message

    First Text Message
    The first text message was sent in 1989 by NASA engineer Edward Lantz. By the 1990's, people in Europe were using texting via cell phones. It took a little while, but the US finally caught up with the world. I chose this because hat would we be without texting today? We would all be home sending emails and mail, calling each other for such little things.
  • Google

    Goolge was first invented in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. I chose this because google is on every computer and it gets millions of billions of searches a day.
  • X Box

    X Box
    In 2001, Bill Gates introduces the X Box to the world. I chose this because x box is a big part of many booys lives. From little ages to big ages.