Significant Events in Pip's Life and Amy Lam's Life

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    Pip's significant events

    Over the course of Pip's life, he experiences his own maturity and how it changes himself and those around him.
  • Pip meets convict

    While walking in the churchyard, days before Christmas seven year old Pip is approached by a convict. We later learn the convict's name is Magwitch and Pip's is involved with him. Through the book he learns about loyalty through this convict.
  • Meeting Estella and Miss Havisham

    Pip meets Estella and Miss Havisham after Pumblechook drops him off. Pip learns Estella and Miss Havisham can be very cruel and they break Pip's heart. Pip starts to grow an attraction to Estella but soon learns he can never have her.
  • Ashamed of Joe's table manners

    When Joe comes for a visit in London, Pip is nearly embarassed at the dinner table as he keeps on fidgeting and shows bad manners. Instead of making him feel better Pip nearly drives Joe away. However Joe understands they are not supposed to be together in London. Afterwards, we learn Pip feels guilty and tries to talk to him before he leaves, but Joe is already gone.
  • Helping Herbert

    Upon receiving his income after turning twenty-one years old. Pip decides to help Herbert by buying Herbert's way into becoming a merchant. The whole arrangement is kept anonymous. We see Pip grow and appreciate Herbert's help and thanks him by helping Herbert's dream come true.
  • Magwitch

    In this scene, Pip learns all his hardwork and money had come from a convict. He is not meant for Estella because Miss Havisham did not send him the money.
  • Learning about Orlick

    Pip walks into the marsh at night and is attacked by Orlick. There we learn Orlick was the real person who and attacked Mrs. Joe. Earlier in the novel, Pip misses his sister, and because of Orlick she died.
  • Meeting Joe and Biddy again

    Pip finally matures into the person he should be. He is sympathetic and learns to care about others. Pip acknowledges Joe for supporting him through his life.
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    Amy Lam's significant events

    In this timespan contains the events that changed my perspective in meeting new people, and being in strong relationships with them.
  • Leaving my friends

    The school required me to take afternoon classes because they did not have enough room to have me attend during the morning. Soon after enrolling into second grade, my mother told me I had to move to James Guinn Elementary to fit my mother's schedule for work. I remember crying, I had met what could have been, my best friend: Jade in Kindergarten.
  • Meeting Anna Griffiths

    Walking to new classroom, I was the NEW girl. I was so different, shy and did not know how to make new friends. However, during free or "educational" time Anna walked up to me. She introduced herself, and being the friendly person she is started to talk to me like I was just another person in the classroom. She made me feel like I belonged.
  • Grandmother Dies

    My Grandmother dies at the young age of 59. She had Scleroderma, a type of autoimmune disorder which involves connnective tissue, skin, blood vessels, and internal organs. I was seven years old, and suddenly did not have my grandmother to look after me, when I was home alone.
  • Fighting for my cousin's custody

    My aunt Helena and our family won the custody between my Uncle and his ex-wife. The children went through an abusive relationship and we could not let them spend the rest of their lives with their mother.
  • Got into a fight with Anna

    Thankfully, I do not remember what the fight was about; I chose to forget bad memories. But I do remember we ended up not talking to each other for a week. Fortunately, after the week we both apoligized and made up.
  • Not accepted, then being accepted

    Anna and I applied and auditioned for OCHSA. She gets in but I did not. This was after testing for Oxford. I was praying I would get into Oxford, because I did not want to go to my home school. Luckily, I was accepted and so was Anna. With the rest of our friends we attended Oxford
  • Attending Volleyball Clinics

    I was very shy at first, but what I liked most about this event was the fact I discovered something I was good at. On top of that, I was able to meet different people, with interesting personalities. I am consistent in taking lessons and the coaches know me well.