Share Our Music: Plasterer

  • Choose a musician/Begin our search

    Today, we talked about the "Share Our Music" project to learn about local musicians. We talked in small groups, then shared out ideas to the class. We made a list of ideas on our class wiki for musicians we want to interview. Mrs. Sarageno left a voicemail message for a manager at a local music venue (Cancun Cantina West) to connect with local rock and roll guitarists or country guitarists.
  • The search continues

    We did not get any information from the Cancun Cantina, so we sent an information request to a musician from
  • Possible Lead

    Jake's Uncle Rob may be interested in being interviewed, we are awaiting his email response.
  • We have a Musician!

    Jake's Uncle, Rob Neff has agreed to conduct our live video-conference interview...woo-hoo! We will contact him to schedule a date sometime in February.
  • Created Questions

    Today, we worked in groups to create our interview questions. See our list:
  • Assigned questions and chose a song to perform for our guest.

    We decide who will ask which question for our interview. Then, we voted on what kind of performance we would like to share (playing instruments). Then, we explored in our music books to find a song (Loose Tooth) to perform.