sea trip

By tbirney
  • Oct 1, 1500

    suplies needed to start the trip

    first things first we are going to need a crew. How are we going to do that advertisement
  • Period: Oct 1, 1500 to Oct 31, 1500

    sea trip

  • Period: Oct 1, 1500 to Oct 30, 1500

    trey trip

  • Oct 2, 1500


    we are going to the queen to not only asked for permisson but to asked for money for a ship. and suppies
  • Oct 3, 1500

    not letting anyone in my way

    there are a lont of people that had no faith in. Saying that we are as good as dead and not to waste our time.
  • Oct 4, 1500

    getting people to join us

    this part is not going to be easy but some how i will get it done. What I will do and promise io the take care of my crew members and make sure that everyone will be treated right.
  • Oct 5, 1500

    day one

    The first day of this long sea trip is going to be rough and not easy. there will be storms, pirate, sharks and disease.
  • Period: to

    sea trip