By T Money
  • there is a hair in me dirt

    Today we learned about how we are interupting the impact of animals and plants. by trying to change the earth and not letting mother nature take care of it.
  • Biotic and Abiotic

    Biotic means living or came from some thing alive. Abiotic - means that it wasnt working.
  • Venn Diagram 2

    We picked 3 diffrent things and we campered them all i did salad and pork chops and hair!
  • What a Trophic Level is

    trophic is energy. 10% of energy is gained when moving up in the food chain and 90% is lost to energy
  • earths resources

    today i learened how to make a spread sheet and
  • Video!

    We had a greatg video
  • Describing Features

    We were talking about the diffrances between different objects. we also played a gamse. we got a partner and we picked an object in the room and wrote 5 things about that object. :)