School age timeline

  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    Physical: Ability to draw and write.
    Emotional: Can dress him or herself.
    Intellectual: Independent reading.
    Cognitive: Increase in attention span.
  • 7 years old

    7 years old
    Physical: Rides a bike
    Emotional: Able to handle changes
    Intellectual: Learns better ways to describe different things
    Cognitive: Often asks questions
  • 8 years old

    8 years old
    Physical: Increases in body strength
    Emotional: spends time talking to his or her peers
    Intellectual: able to read sentences
    Cognitive: most 8 year olds learn to apply logic and reason
  • 9 years old

    9 years old
    Physical: loses baby teeth
    Emotional: able to control anger
    Intellectual: can read and understand sentences up to 12 words
    Cognitive:knows when objects are classified into different categories
  • 10 year olds

    10 year olds
    Physical: height and weight begins to increase
    Emotional: start to build friendships
    Intellectual: learn to transform actions
    Cognitive: start to mature thinking wise
  • 11 year olds

    11 year olds
    Physical: underarm hair growth
    Emotional: began to cope with hormonal changes
    Intellectual: become very competent
    Cognitive: able to demonstrate abstract thinking
  • 12 year olds

    12 year olds
    Physical: pubic hair growth
    Emotional: can sometimes lack confidence
    Intellectual: able to express and talk about feelings
    Cognitive: brain stops growing in size but doesn't stop developing