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  • I was Born!

    I was born on June 8th,1999. I was born in Chicago,Illinois (the suburbs of chicago). Out of my family I am the the 3rd child out of 4.
  • Began School!

    In 2004 I went to my first school. I attended a private christian school in the suburbs of Chicago. I was 5 at this time and in kindergarten.
  • I began tennis!

    In 2005 I began to play tennis. My sister had started playing tennis I then followed in her foot steps and began taking classes. One of the best decision I have made.
  • My little brother was born!

    In 2009 my little brother Landon was born. He was the 4th child out of my family. I definately had to adjust to not being the baby of the family but also having two brothers which is double the trouble.
  • Moved to Arizona

    In 2010 we moved to Arizona from the suburbs of Chicago. This was a big change in my life. I had lived there since i was born and had all my family and friends back there. It took some time to adjust but now i've settled here and my family lives here and I have made new friends, but i still miss it!
  • Played tennis at a different club

    When we moved to AZ i had to find a new club to play at with my sister. We had finally found one that we really enjoyed. I had new couches and met new players. Tennis was a big part of my life.
  • We got a new dog!

    My sibilings and I had been wanting another dog besides Maddie our dog we have had since I was born. My mom and dad finally agreed to let us get one after much of us begging. We all decided we wanted an english bulldog. After my dad got my uncle an old english bulldog for christmas a couple years back we have been wanting one of our own. So we got a boy puppy bulldog and after much controversy about the name we named him Dozer.
  • I quit tennis

    In 2013 I had unofficially quit tennis. What I mean by that is I went on vacation and took a little break over the summer but I never went back. I wish I would have kept with it because I still love tennis and I think its apart of who I am.
  • I started online school

    I always had wanted to try online school,but I liked going to school to much to stop. Eventually I had began wanting to graduate early,and to get ahead I thought the best option was to do online school. So I began it last year at a charter school that had online as well and you could go in to the school.
  • I got diagnosed with PCO'S

    In December of later year I got diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was caught by suprise when I found this out. I am very glad I found out I have this disease so now I can do what I need to do to help keep it undercontrol. I continue to have regular 2 week check up and take medicine to help manage this disease.
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