Schlueter/Denton Family

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  • Edna Allen Born

  • Television Invented (Global)

    This influenced my great-grandma Edna Allen directly, because she was alive when it was invented; but of course, it affected everyone in the future as it was to become an incredibly large industry.
  • James Schlueter Born

  • Elida Preciado Born

  • Donald Denton Born

  • Suzanna Thomas Born

  • Elida Preciado Immigrates to U.S.

  • President Kennedy Assassination (National/Global)

    This influenced my grandparents (Thomas, Allen, Denton, Schlueter) because they were in college when this occurred. My grandma Suzanna Thomas was incredibly upset by this event. Of course, this also affected not only our nation, but the entire world.
  • Suzanna Thomas Graduates College

  • Michael Schlueter Born

  • Lisa Denton Born

  • Largest flood in Tucson history (Local)

    This flood destroyed my grandparents', Suzanna Thomas and Donald Denton, home. My mom Lisa Denton was also living in this house at the time, she was only 12 years old.
  • Internet Invented (Global)

    This highly influenced everyone who was alive when it was invented, as well as all generations to come because it became an incredibly large industry.
  • Michael Schlueter & Lisa Denton Marry

  • Victoria Schlueter Born

  • Lauren Schlueter Born

  • Schlueters move to Colorado

    This affected my whole family, my grandma Suzanna Thomas in particular, because up until we moved, our entire family lived in Tucson. Moving my sister and I far away to Colorado was very hard for a lot of my family members.
  • Shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, AZ (Local/National)

    This shooting took place just a couple miles from my grandparents', Suzanna Thomas and Richard Luker, house. It was less than a mile from the house that my parents, my sister and I had just moved out of a couple years prior.
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    Vietnam War (Global)

    My grandpa, Richard Luker, was a Green Beret in this war. Even before she met him, my grandma Suzanna Thomas knew many people that fought in this war and it affected her very personally.
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    The Great Recession (National)

    This greatly affected my entire family, both in Colorado and Arizona. This also affected most Americans at the time.