Saras Life

Timeline created by SaraWooton
  • Day I Was Born

    I was 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 in. long. My whole family was there. My mom told me when I was born and she got to hold me for the first time, my sister told her that she didnt want me and to take me back to the store to return me, My cousin, Jordan, got jealous of the fact that I was born , that he didnt want me to be around him.
  • 1st Birthday

    On my first birthday, my cousin got jealous because I was getting all the attention. When he got his piece of cake, he shoved it all over my face and clothes and poured his pop all over me.
  • Valentines Day; 1 year old

    My mom takes me to calries to get my ears pierced. She remembers that I sat up all by myself and let the ladies do their job. But she hated for when they started to heal because I would always cry.
  • 2 years old

    I get to go to the beach for the first time at Fort Myers, FL. My mamaw always tells me that I was the biggest cry baby because I always wanted to sleep on the beach and not be in the sun. She told me I would always eat the sunscreen.
  • 3 years old; Independence Day

    We were grilling out at my grannys. I run by the grill and lay my arm on it and i get burnt, I got 2nd degree burns. My mom was gone and told everyone to watch me, when no one was looking I got hurt. My mamaw put the aloe leaf on my arm to stop the blistering on my arm.
  • 4 going on 5 years old

    I remember starting kindergarden. I didnt want to my mom to leave me because I got scared of being alone. I ended up sitting between two boys that really liked me. They would always pick me flowers and leave them on our table when we would come in from recess.
  • 5 years old

    My mom has my little brother Christian. I was so happy when she had him because I had a little baby brother that was like a babydoll. I remember playing with him and my mom had to leave to go somewhere and we looked for christian everywhere but we couldnt find him until I look in my toy box. I put him up with all my baby dolls cause I thought he was one.
  • 6 years old

    1st grade. I remember being in Mrs. Becketts class room and her running in and turning on the t.v. and almost crying, the Twin Towers were hit and collasped to the ground.
  • 7 years old

    2nd grade. I remember getting in trouble for talking in the lunch room when the lights where off. Also, me and my friend Kendra Taylor would always swing together on the playground. She would come over and we would play with BRATZ dolls!
  • My brother

    My mom has my other brother, Ashton. It made my Aunt Deedee so happy because he was born on her birthday. She told my mom that he was a special baby because of that. I remember telling my mom she wasn't aloud to have anymore kids.
  • 8 years old

    3rd grade. I remember having to cut my hair at the ends cause someone put gum in my hair. It made me so mad. I ended up trying to put gum in their hair for payback, I got in trouble and had to go stand in the corner of the room.
  • 9 years old

    4th grade. I remember playing basketball and it was boys againest girls. Blake Davis tripped me and I fell and broke my pinky. When I got my cast off, we were passing a ball back and forth, and he broke my pinky again.
  • 10 years old

    5th grade. I got bit by a spider and had to miss school for a week! I had Mrs. Napier as my teacher for 5th grade. I had alot of friends in that class but there was alot of drama because of some girls. My sister, Anna Sparks, graduated highschool.
  • My Dad

    My dad is my hero and when he get hurt in the coalmines on this day, it broke my heart. I look up to him because he is the strongest man I know and for him to have a broke back and to come to everyone of my softball games and cheer me on, made me so pround to have a dad like him.
  • 11 years old

    6th grade. Frist year of middle school. I remember I was scared to be there but I got over it. I became friends with Lauren Schneider and Victoria Williams. They were remodeling the school so we had to do our classes in the trailors. I hated that so much.
  • Mom gets married

    My mom gets married to my step dad, Jeremy Helton. I have a step sister now. And my mom has two boys, Christian and Ashton.
  • 12 years old

    I started dating in 7th grade; Jason C. He didnt go to our school, but he went to the gap. I became friends with Kristen Standifer. Shortly after that, I broke up with Jason. My mom gets married. I dont like my step sister all to well either.
  • My Boyfriend

    I remember getting together with Brandyn Ball on this day. He told me I was so pretty. We went swimming together and he told me he loved me. I was so happy to have a boyfriend like him.
  • 13 years old

    8th grade. I started dating Brandyn Ball. My bestfriend became Kelsie Standifer. We did everything together. I went to prom, took Brandyn as my date. I played softball for the middle school for two years, this was my last year, sadly.
  • 14 years old

    Freshman year. Im stilling dating Brandyn, but he wasnt to happy with the fact that I was in highschool and he wasnt. I became really close friends with Kristen Webb, which was really odd. I remember every girl being pregnant too.
  • Hair Cut

    I remember cutting all of my hair off to my shoulders because I told my mom that I wanted to help a cancer patience in need of it. I ended up cutting off 14 inchs of it and I felt so pround of myself for it.
  • 15 years old

    Sophomore year. Im still dating Brandyn. I play softball still for the highschool. I have 3 guys that want to date me but I cant cause I have Brandyn. My cousins in Lexington, KY, just had a new baby and it was a girl. My sister graduates college and is becoming a nurse from University of Kentucky.
  • 15 years old

    Sophomore still. Osama Bin Laden dies.
  • 15 years old

    My sister, Anna Sparks, graduates from the University of Kentucky. It made my mom so happy. We had to go to Rupp Arena to watch her walk across the stage, my brothers, Christian and Ashton, were so happy to just walk in the place that the Kentucky basketball players play at.
  • Moms Anniversey

    Today, makes the 4th anniversey of my mom and dad being married. It makes my mom so happy and Im happy so finally found Mr. Right for herself.