Samuel Zimmerman

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  • Birth

    I was born in Germany. I don't know where. What I know is that I was very small and sick. My family and doctors brought me back to health. Growing up I didn't have much. My parents didn't show affection to me and they were very strict. Life was like this for all amish.
  • Leaving Germany

    I packed up everything. Sold my land, animals, and took the journey to the port. I got on the boat and crowded with many other people. I found a spot to "live" and I ate as little as possible so I could ration what I had. I was preparing for a long journey,
  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty
    Everybody was looking over the side of the boat. Once we got close to the statue everyone looked up at it. The statue was so big. But as I saw its backdrop, the New York skyline, I saw how "normal" the height of everything was in America. Little parts of the statue where turning green. The orange, brown was so crisp. It symbolized a new freedom for me.
  • Ellis Island

    Ellis Island
    It was very crowded and dirty. The line was very long, but it moved very fast. It was awkward when the doctors checked me. I saw they denied people they were devastated. They had to turn around, aboard a boat and go home. I walked outside and swam throught the ocean of people. I found an apartment to live in and got settled.
  • Moving to Lancaster

    I lived in the apartment untill I saved up enough money to move down here. When I got to Lancaster I knew I was home. There is a lot of open land, good land, and the people are very friendly. I bought a 15 acre area of land. The little town of Summit Valley was just beginning. There is a main street, a little school by the name of summit valley school, and a general store.
  • Barn raising

    Barn raising
    On August 10, 1900 an extreme heat wave swept through. A freak thunderstorm rolled up. It struck my barn and split the roof. The fire spread quickly, and burned down the barn and crops. I lost everything. The only thing I have left is my friends and church. So the bishop said they would help as much as I need. We had a barn rising and it only took us two days. People donated animals, and the supplies for the barn. So I got everything back for free.