Russisan Revolution PD6.

By KaileeB
  • Surfs were free

    Surfs were free
    the czar freed the surfs yet they were given little land and were heavily debted,and altered the face of the russian society.
  • RSDLP formed

    The Marxists formed the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.
  • The march to Winter Palace

    The march to Winter Palace
    Thousands of poeple peacfully marched down to Czar Nicholas's Winter Palace in St.Petersburg,the capital.
  • strikes

    A wave of stikes grew into a huge general stike
  • Army on guard

    Army on guard
    the army crushed a uprising in Moscow and police members of the soviet and the leader Loen Trotsky.
  • Period: to

    dumas were disolved

    the first 2 Dumas disolved after the fist few months
  • Russia entering WWI

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • Nobles murdered Rasputin

    A group of Russian nobles loyal to the Czar murdered Rasputin.
  • Roits over food and coal happen

    on Februrary 25 of the old russian calander, stikes roits over food and coal shortages.
  • Czar Nicholas abdicated

    Czar Nicholas abdicated
    The government forced Czar Nicholas to abdicate which means step down as Czar.