Russian Revolutions

  • October Manifesto

    October Manifesto
    This picture is significant to the event as it shows the October Manifesto obstructed with a bloody handprint. It illuminates the level of suffering endured by the people of Russia in order to get the manifesto.
  • Beginning of WWI

    Beginning of WWI
    This political cartoon depicts Russia's mobilization during WWI. It is significant since it shows the blood and explosions caused by them. It's relevant as it shows the resources being depleted, fueling the next revolutions.
  • Tsar Nicholas II Took Sole Control of Military Operations

    Tsar Nicholas II Took Sole Control of Military Operations
    This image is significant as it shows Nicholas II, not leading the army, rather sitting on his horse making the soldiers bow to him. Instead of fighting in the war or training, they are participating in things that will set them back in the war and cause them to lose confidence.
  • Assassination of Rasputin

    Assassination of Rasputin
    This painting illustrates the murder of Rasputin. It is significant as it shows others watching, but no one helping him. This furthers the idea that he was widely disrespected and disliked by the people of Russia.
  • International Women's Day March in Petrograd

    International Women's Day March in Petrograd
    Although this protest was initially for women to assert their voices during food shortages, the photo highlights the fact that men and women protested together to elucidate the problems with the Russian government. This combination of all the people protesting led to the tsars abdication.
  • Nicholas II Abdicates

    Nicholas II Abdicates
    This snippet from a New York newspaper shows how Nicholas II's abdication not only affected Russia, but the whole world. It underscores the issues with his ruling style and the level of discontent the people had with him, as well as an outside perspective as to how others perceived Russia at the time.
  • Provisional Government Formed

    Provisional Government Formed
    This picture sheds some light on how the provisional government was overall a failure. The image shows how people revolted and destroyed buildings under its rule.
  • Lenin's Return from Switzerland

    Lenin's Return from Switzerland
    This picture shows Lenin's overwhelming support from the people as soon as he gets off the train.
  • April Theses Published in Pravda

    April Theses Published in Pravda
    This image shows Lenin making a speech about the April Theses. It shows Lenin's overwhelming passion for this idea and the people's support.
  • First All-Russian Congress of Soviets Meets

    First All-Russian Congress of Soviets Meets
    There were not many photos regarding this as the first Congress didn't last very long. However, this painting depicts a number of people in support of the Soviets and their plans.
  • Brusilov Offensive Begins

    Brusilov Offensive Begins
    This photo shows the Brusilov offensive's plan of action clearly on a map. However, it does not express how significant this move was for Russia in WW1.
  • July Days

    July Days
    This image shows the fear and death associated with the July Days as bodies pile up and people flee from the protest. It depicts a horrible tragedy at the hands of the Dual Power.
  • Kornliov Affair

    Kornliov Affair
    This image shows a group of soldiers about to attack in the Kornilov affair. It shows how this revolt was heavily armed and strategic.
  • Trotsky and Red Guards Released from Prison

    Trotsky and Red Guards Released from Prison
    There were not many relevant images for this event either. However, this image conveys the perspective of the Provisional Government stopping the Kornilov Affair, but supplying the Bolsheviks with the materials needed for revolution.
  • Bolsheviks overthrow Provisional Gov+take control

    Bolsheviks overthrow Provisional Gov+take control
    this image is a political cartoon that represents Lenin and his rise to power with the Bolsheviks. This was chosen fir this event because the overthrow of the Provisional Government was the first checkpoint for the Bolsheviks to become a strongly supported political party within the people and the image shows the people following Lenin.
  • Cheka Formed

    Cheka Formed
    This image is the badge worn by the Cheka. This badge has the soviet symbol with a sword and star, this symbolizes maintenance of power for the Bolsheviks and the force against opposition.
  • Wartime Communism created

    Wartime Communism created
    This image is a propaganda poster created by the Bolsheviks to support the idea of wartime communism amongst the people. It encourages people to believe that it was a form of heroism and pride.
  • Constituent Assembly meets and Disbands

    Constituent Assembly meets and Disbands
    This image is a pie chart that represents the results of the election and the number of seats by party in the assembly, which reflect the reasoning for the disbandment of the assembly.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
    This image is a map that shows the land that was lost from Russia in the treaty in order to maintain peace between nations.
  • Red Terror

    Red Terror
    This is a political "cartoon" that represents the true acts of violence that the Bolsheviks and Cheka inflicted on the deserters. There was mass arrests, executions and overall violence.
  • Kolchak attacks against Reds

    Kolchak attacks against Reds
    This image is a book cover declaring the pivotal and historical acts that was the Reds vs. Whites with help from the Green and Black parties, as represented in the photo.
  • Ukraine brought under Soviet control

    Ukraine brought under Soviet control
    This image shows Ukrainians performing MacBeth even though the theater was destroyed because of the war between Bolsheviks and Poland. However the Soviets found this admirable and intriguing and believed this activity would make the world a better place.
  • Poles move toward Kiev

    Poles move toward Kiev
    In hopes to create a new polish state, polish forces moved towards kiev (at time of russia civil war) In the image it is shown that people are on their way to establish this.
  • Soviets attempt to take Warsaw

    Soviets attempt to take Warsaw
    Because of the polish advance, the red army (soviet government) tried to take warsaw. This was not succesful. The fallen flags represents the failure this mission was.
  • Tambov Rebellion

    Tambov Rebellion
    Angered peasants fought against soviet government in tambov. This rebellion was led by antonov. The unhappy looks of the soldiers represent the dissatisfaction of the peasants.
  • Ending of Wartime Communism

    Ending of Wartime Communism
    Soviet economy from war communism changed/improved. New economic policy created economic reforms and loosened up on small (private) businesses. The cartoon represents the new policies allowing private enterprises.
  • Kronstadt uprising

    Kronstadt uprising
    In kronstadt sailors and workers rebelled against the soviet governments policies. The cartoon represents the fighting that went on against the soviets.
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    Treaty of Rapallo
    Treaty between soviet russia and germany. Re-established diplomatic and economic agreements between them.
  • Formation of Soviet Union

    Formation of Soviet Union
    When the soviet union was created where russia, ukraine, belaurse, and transcaucian solviet republics where joined. The image shows the meeting that united these differing states.
  • Lenin dies

    Lenin dies
    Vladimir lenin dies, leader/ starter of soviet union