Russian Revolution Timeline

By scfunk
  • Decembrist Revolt

    Decembrist Revolt
    A revolt was lead against Tsar Nicolas I, Many Russians felt threatened by his conservative views. The army was swearing alligence to the tsar when 3,000 men began to openly revolt. They were held back by the tsars forces.
  • Emancipation of Serfs

    Emancipation of Serfs
    Most of the country consisted of Serfs, when the Crimean War began Russia was very weak, a piece of legislation went through without a problem. Even after it went through the serfs didn't have to much because they had no money and no way to get any.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Was a peaceful protest that was led by a priest and some police men. This event took place in St. Petersburg when peaceful protesters marched in the troops saw them and fired. This event killed over 200 people.
  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    Began with bloody Sunday in an uprising against Czar Nicholas the II. The people wanted to get rid of an autocracy in exchange for a constitutional monarchy.
  • Russian Enters WWI

    Russian Enters WWI
    Russia entered WWI because an ally of theirs, Serbia was attacked. Tsar Nicolas I put up propagande posters to try to gain support throughout Russia. Russia had the largest army in the world with 140,000 soldiers.
  • Murder of Rssputin

    Murder of Rssputin
    Stories say: Rasuptin was invited to dinner with Prince Felix Yussupov and was given cyanide laced wine, he passed out but did not die. He was then shot in the chest and still did not die, after he was not dead after two more shots he was thrown off of a bridge and his remains found a week later.
  • March Revolution

    March Revolution
    Began with 90,000 textile workers going on strike and by then end of the week their were 400,000 thousand workers on strike. Many helf signs about "down with the tsar". The tsar had banned protesting and sent his troops out to shoot the protesters. The army then joined the protest and the tsar had to step down.
  • Tsar Nicholas Abdicates

    Tsar Nicholas Abdicates
    Nicholas signed his forced abdication after the March Revolution. He and his family were then held in the Czarskoye Selo palace, this was the start of the Russian government moving the Romonovs from place to place until finally their death in 1918.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    Taking over of the WInter Palace. Began with people taking over telegraph stations, railroad stations, etc until when the first shot was fired the memebers of the Red Gaurd attacked the Winter Palace
  • Murder of the Romanovs

    Murder of the Romanovs
    Tsar Nicolas II and his family were hearded into a cellar where they were killed savagly. The assasins were not trained and they woman all had jewels sewn into their clothes so bullets would not work. many had to be stabbed or clubbed to death. Years afterwards the remains of all but the two youngest children were found.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Peace settlement signed after WWI between the countries. Was very harsh on Germany, many wanted Germany to be completly shut down. Eliminated Germany's army and put them millions of dollars into debt.
  • Lenin Dies, USSR formed

    Lenin Dies, USSR formed
    Vladimir Lenin died of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 54. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, was formed by socialists in 1922. They moved the capitol to Moscow and by the end of the USSR had 15 different soviet republics.
  • Stalin takes Power/Death of Trotsky

    Stalin takes Power/Death of Trotsky
    Trotsky was killed with a small pic-axe in his home in Mexico City, his dieing words were "I think Stalin has finished the job he started." Stalin apointed himself as head of the government.