Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Decembrist Revolt

    Decembrist Revolt
    Constantine is overthrown by his unpopular brother Nicholas I as Tsar. During a ceremony where Nicholas I was speaking, many rebels who were in favor or a different government openly rebelled. This led to fighting and many deaths.
  • Emancipation of the Serfs

    Emancipation of the Serfs
    Tsar Alexander II chooses to free the serfs due to the devastating loss caused during the Crimean War. Unfortunately, their conditions didn't improve.
  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    The Russians were beginning to tire of their current government, and began to protest peacefully. The feeling changed on "Bloody Sunday" when soldiers fired upon some protesters. This caused even more revolt and unrest in Russia. Peace was only regained (partially) after Nicholas II created the October Manifesto which gave the people more rights.
  • Russia Enters World War I

    Russia Enters World War I
    Germany declared war on Russia and millions of peasants were sent out. Many lives were lost and the people revolted quickly after seeing their country in ruins.
  • Rasputin is Murdered

    Rasputin is Murdered
    After becoming close to the royal family, many aristocrats became jealous or Rasputin and decided that the best way to save the royal family from the clutches of their low class and shady advisor. After trying in vain to poison him with cyanide-laced pastries and wine, Aristocrats Felix and Dr. Lazavert resorted to stabbing, shooting and finally drowinging to kill off their enemy.
  • March Revolution

    March Revolution
    The March Revolution was marked with riots and chaos that broke out due to civil unrest and lack of trust in the government. This time period ended the reign of Tsars (the Romanovs).
  • Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates

    Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates
    After the great losses suffered during World War I, Nicholas II chose to abdicate. He and his family moved out of the royal palace and were murdered shortly afterward. This would lead to an opening in power that would eventually be taken over by the Bolsheviks.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    The Revolution began due to the Russian peasants' dislike of World War I. Led by a man named Lenin, the goal of the Bolsheviks was to get out of the war and overthrow the current government. Though their forces were crushed at first, they were eventually voted into the government as an official anti-war party.
  • Murder of the Romanovs

    Murder of the Romanovs
    The whole Imperial family went to a place called Ekaterinburg shortly after Nicholas' abdication out of request from the Bolsheviks. They were all shot once there, and their bodies were hidden. For years, the location of their bodies was unknown.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    This Treaty ended World War I and create a stable system that would fix many of the debts and conflicts the war created. In the document, Russia was given the chance to choose its government. Russia chose Communism.
  • Lenin Dies

    Lenin Dies
    Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, formed the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). He passed the rule onto Leon Trotsky in order to maintain the type of government he wanted.
  • Trotsky Dies

    Trotsky Dies
    Troksky was meant to take over the place of Vladimir Lenin for the power of Russia. Unfortunately, Stalin was able to win over the majority of the people and force Troksky to flee Russia. He was later killed in New Mexico.