Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Rasputin Assasinated

    Rasputin Assasinated
  • Petrograd Soviets Formed

  • March Revolution

  • Czar Nicholas II Abdicates

    Czar Nicholas II Abdicates
    Czar was the ruler of Russia since 1894 until he was ordered to leave the throne. His family was first held at Czarskoye Selo palace, then in the Yekaterinburg palace near Tobolsk.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Lenin ordered an assualt on the Winter Palace the night of October 25th.
  • Russian Civil War

    through 1922
  • Communist Control Russia

    Russia was controled by the communist led by Lenin. (No specific month) provisional Government Was overthrown and the Bolsheviks had gained power in Russia.
  • Lenin Shipped by Germans to Russia

  • Lenin Signs Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    No specific day
  • Royal Family Murdered

    Royal Family Murdered