Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Nicholas II becomes Czar

    Nicholas II becomes Czar
    When he became Czar he continued the tradition of Russian autocracy even though it blinded him to the changing conditions of his times
  • Industrialization and the problems it caused it Russia

    Industrialization and the problems it caused it Russia
    Rapid industrialization changed the face of the Russian Economy. The number of factories doubled. During this time they launched a program to move the country foward. Russia sought foreign invaders and raised taxes which boosted the growth of the steel industry.
  • Development of Revolutionary Groups

    Development of Revolutionary Groups
    Several Revolutionary began to grow. One group that followed the views of Karl Marx started to establish it's self in Russia. The People in this group believed that one day the working class would over throw the Czar one day. They Also formed the "dicatorship of the Proletariat" In 1903, the group split into two other groups, the other group was called Bolsheviks which was lead by Lenin.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    About 200,000 workers and their families went to the Czar's winter palace in St.peterburg. They carried a petition asking for better working conditions, more personal freedom, and an elected national legislature. Nicholas ordered his soldiers to fire on the crowd. More than 1,000 people were wounded and hundreds were killed. This provoked a wave of strikes and violence.
  • World War I

    World War I
    Nicholas II made the fateful decision to drag Russia into World War I. Russia was unprepared to handle the military and economic costs.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    Women textile workers in Petrograd led a citywide strike. In the next five days, riots flared up over shortages of bread and fuel. At first the soldiers obeyed orders to shoot the rioters but later sided with them.
  • The Czar Steps Down

    The Czar Steps Down
    The local protest exploded into a general uprising, which forced Czar Nicholas II to abdicate his throne. A year later revolutionaries executed Nicholas and his family.
  • The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution
    Lenin and Bolsheviks gained control of major cities in Russia. This led to a Civil war in Russia. This really damaged Russia becuase within three years millions of people died and Russia was hit with hunger and a worldwide flu
  • Lenin in Power

    Lenin in Power
    Lenin restored power after the revolution destoryed Russia's economy. In 1921, Lenin restored to a small scale version of capitalism called the "New Economic Policy". Lenin's organized Russia into self-governing republics under the central goverment.
  • Stalin become a Dictator

     Stalin become a Dictator
    Lenin suffered a stroke in 1922 after his stroke Staliln became dictator. Stalin was a cold, hard, and impersonal. He was the head of the communist party