Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Russia Industraializes

    Russia Industraializes
    Russia launched a program to finance the buildup of Russian industries. The government sought foreign investers and raised taxes. By doing this, Russia boosted the growth of heavy industry. Rapid industrialization stirred discontent among the people of Russia. They were unhappy with their working conditions, low wages, and child labor.
  • Nicholas ll Becomes Czar

    Nicholas ll Becomes Czar
    Nicholas became Czar through his royal blood line. He continued the tradition of Russian autocracy.
  • Development of Revolutionary Groups

    Development of Revolutionary Groups
    The problems caused by the growth of factories resulted in several revolutionary movements. The Bolsheviks group supported a small number of committed revolutionaries willing to sacrifice anything for change.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    200,000 workers and their families approached the Czar's winter palace; carrying a petition asking for better working conditions, more freedom, and an elected national legislature. Nicholas' generals ordered soldiers to fire on the crowd. More than 1,000 were wounded and several hundred were killed. This provoked a wave of strikes and violence across the country.
  • Wlorld War l

    Wlorld War l
    Nicholas ll made the decision to drag Russia into World War l. Russia was unprepared to handle the military economic costs. They had week generals and unprepared troops who were no match for the German army. Russias involvment in WWl revealed the weakness of Czar's rule in military leadership.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    Women textile workers in Petrograd led a citywide strike because of their shortages of bread and food. In the next 5 days, nearly 200,000 workers rioted in the streets. The soldiers that were told to shoot the rioters, then sided with them. This revolution forced Czar Nicholas ll to abdicate his throne.
  • The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution
    The Bolsheviks and Lenin had the Red Guard storm the winter palace, which led the Provisional Government to fall to the Bolshevik regime. Lenin and the Bolsheviks attempted to construct socialist powers in Russia. Lenin's saying "peace, land and bread" appealed to the people.
  • Czar Steps Down

    Czar Steps Down
    Local protests during the March Revolution forced czar Nicholas ll to give up the throne. Nicholas and his family were executed by the people.
  • Lenin Gains Power

    Lenin helped Russia by putting them in the economic place they were just before WWl. Lenin gained his power with the Bolsheviks, and now he was setting up a small form of capitalism in Russia called the new economic policy.
  • Stalin Becomes Dictator

    Stalin Becomes Dictator
    After Lenin died of a stroke, Stalin took complete control. He then began his dictatorship over the people of Russia.