Russian Revolution Timeline

  • Decembrist Revolution

    A small Group of nobles and army officers tried to overthrow the Czar Nicholas' government in december of the year of 1825.
  • Emancipation of the Serfs

    Czar Alexander II granted the serfs of Russia emancipation.
    Serfs were given a few rights.
    They were not however given land and had to buy it, this did not change the way serfs lived.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Father Gapon and thousands of men, women, and children marched to the capital carrying banners of Czar Nicholas II to peacefully protest.
    The soldiers opened fire on them
    Afterwards a hundred were dead and many were injured.
  • Russia Enters WWI

    Russia Sent its Army (5,000,000 Strong) into battle against Germany in Prussia. On August First, Germany went to war with Russia. Joined on August Sixth by Austria-Hungary
  • Murder of Gregory Rasputin

    in 1908 Rasputin stoped the bleeding of the hemophiliac heir to the throne of Russia. The nobles of the Russian court tried to kill Rasputin by Poisoning, Stabbing, Shooting, and Bludgeoning him to death, however he did die when he was drowned.
  • March Revolution

    Upset over both the losses on the German front and with the shortage of food protesters assembled at Petrograd (also known over the years as St. Petersburg or Leningrad). They shouted "Bread and Peace!" These Protesters made Czar Nicholas II Abdicate his throne.
  • Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates the throne

    Csar Nicholas II abdicated his throne over protests at the way the Russian army was losing World War I for Russia. He and his family and their closest servants were killed by the Bolsheviks on May 16-7 1918. Nicholas abdicated because of events similar to Bloody Sunday.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

  • Murder of the Romanovs

    They were killed by Lenin because many still saw them as the rulers of Russia. They were killed in Ekateringburg. Supposedly Anastasia supposedly survived.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Russian Empire collapsed after WW1.
    Russia signed a different treaty with Germany transfering control of land and resources to Germany.
    Russia got the short end of the stick when the treaty made them give back the teritories they took during wartime.
  • Formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist of Russia

    Russia was formed by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
    Set up after the Bolsheviks won the Russia Civil War.
    Established on December Thirtieth 1922
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin dies

    He Lead the 1917 October Revolution.
    He founded the United Soviet States of Russia in 1922.
    He was the head of the Bolsheviks from 1917-1924.
  • Stalin takes control of the Soviet Union

    Stalin Took power in may of 1941.
    He created