Russian Revolution pd6

  • 1905 Revolution

    Russias econemy slowed.
    Russia waged in unsuccessful war with japan .
    Social unrest grew.
  • Period: to

    world war I

    Germany declared war on Russia
    Russian army overwelmed
    In december 1916 a group of russian nobles loyal to Czar murdered Rasputin
  • The February Revolution

    The February Revolution
    Moderate and liberal members of duma set up provisonal goverment
    in september 1917 Gen.lavr kornilov army commander in cheif made a bid too seize power
  • october revolution

    trotsky /who had escaped in 1907 and gone into exile had returned
    too petrograd in may 1917 was chosen to head too soviet there in september
  • Aftermath

    russia gradually turned its self into soviet union
    it reconized the ukraine which it had lost in 1918