Russian Revolution PD:6

  • Arrests of the Members of St.Peters Soviet

    Army crushed an uprising in Moscow and a bunch of people from the St.Petersburg soviet got arrsered, Including the revolutionary leader, Leon Trotsky
  • Russian Nobles

    Russian Nobles loyal to Czar murdered Rasputin.
  • World War I Starts

    Germany declaired war in Russia.
  • World War I

    Germany declaired war onn Russia
  • Czar Nicholas Resigns as Leader

    Czar Nicholas Resigns as Leader
    Goverment forced Czar Nicholas to resign he throne on March 15, 1917.
  • Bolshevik Goverment

    Bolshevik Goverment moved to the capital of Russia from Petrograd to Moscow.
  • After Math

    Joseph remained in power until his own death in March 1953. communiest recounquered Ukraine, Which lost in 1918 Russian goverment formed the Soviet Union