Russian Revolution PD5

By SierraG
  • Freedom Of The Serfs

    In 1861, The Serfs were freed.
  • Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

    Marxists formed the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.
  • The Start Of Great Changes

    In the early 1900's, Russia experienced great changes.
  • Negative Impacts On Russia

    Russia's economy slowed, country waged unsuccessful war with Japan and social unrest grew.
  • The 2 Groups Of The RSDLP

    The Russian Social Democratic Party split into 2 groups; Bolsheviks ("members of the majority") & Mensheviks ("members of the minority").
  • The 1905 Revolution

    On January 22, 1905, Thousands of men, women, and children peacefully marched to the Czar's Winter Palace in St. Petersberg. The czar's soldiers fired killing or wounding them.