Russian Revolution PD5

By NoorF
  • Freedom

    The serfs (rural slaves) were freed on 1861 by Czar Nicholas.
  • Russian Democratic Party

    On 1898, the Marxists formd the Russian Social Democratic labor party.
  • Economy

    Early 1900's, Russia's economy slowed, and the country waged an unsuccessful war.
  • Seperated

    The Russian Social Democratic Party got split into two groups.
  • The March

    The March
    This day thousands of people marched peacefully to Czar Nicholas's Winter Palace. image
  • Uprising

    December,1905, the army crushed the uprising in Moscow, and the police arrested people from the St. Petersburg Soviet, including the leader Leon Trotsky.
  • Period: to

    World War One

  • War

    Germany declared war on Russia in August 1914.
  • Victory

    Nicholas left Petrograd for the warfront, determined to personally lead his country to victory.
  • Murdered

    In December, 1916, a group of Russian nobles loyal to the Czar, murdered Zasputin.
  • Strikes And Riots.

    March, 1917, strikes and riots over food and coal storages broke out in Petrograd.
  • Resigned

    The government forced Czar to resign his throne.
  • Returning

    Lenin who had lived in Switzerland since 1914 returned to Petrograd in April, 1917.
  • Power

    General Lawr Korilou, the army command in chief, made a bid to seize power.
  • Power Again

    Power Again
    Leon Trotsky who escaped in 1907 and gone to exile, returned to Petrograd in May 1917 and was chosen to head the Soviet. image
  • The Treaty

    The government signed the treaty to prevent German invasions.
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    In 1922, the Russian communist government formed the Soviet Union. image
  • Ended

    The communist system ended in Russia in 1991.