Russian Revolution PD5

  • serfs were freed

    serfs were freed
    serfs the serfs were freed.
  • Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

    Russian Social Democratic Labor Party
    russian social The Marxists formed the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party
  • It Split

    Russian Social Democratic Labor Party split into two groups.
  • The March

    Thousands of people peacefully marched to Czar Nicholas's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.
  • The Arrest

    The army crushed an uprising in Moscow and police arrested the member of the St. Petersburg Soviet, including revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky
  • Escape

    leon Trotsky escaped and gone into exile.
  • War

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • Murder of Rasputin

    Murder of Rasputin
    rasputin A group of Russian nobles, loyal to the Czar, murdered Rasputin
  • Returned

    Lenin returned to Petrograd.
  • Revived the Petrograd Soviet

    Revived the Petrograd Soviet
    petrograd soviet Leaders, Left-Leaning members of the Duma, and soldiers revived the Petrograd Soviet that was first set up in 1905.
  • Strikes

    Strikes and riots broke out over food and coal shortages broke out in Petrograd.
  • Abdicate

    czar The government forced Czar Nicholas to abdicate.
  • Uprising

    Soldiers began another uprising in Petrograd.
  • Made a bid

    Made a bid
    General Lavr Kornilov made a bid to seize power.
  • Killed

    bolsheviks Bolsheviks killed them at Yekaterinburg.