Russian Revolution By Jim Egitton

  • Russo-Japanese War

  • Bloody Sunday

    Unarmed demonstrators were killed at the Czars winter palace by soldiers.
  • Revolution of 1905

    Some people were agienst the Russian goverment and this made workers strike, peasant unrest etc.
  • Creation of the Duma

    The creation of the duma was made by the Czar of russia to make a type of goverment.
  • Russia enters WWI

  • March Revolution begins

    Many demonstrators/protestors went into the streets and attacked the police because of the corupt Russian goverment.
  • Kerensky heads the provisional goverment

  • Nicholas II abdicates the throne

    Nicholas the II the Czar at the time was forced to give up his power as Czar.
  • Lenin returns from exile in Germeny

    In 1917 Lenin (the leader of the revolution) returns to russia from being in exile.
  • Civil War Begins

    The Russian civil war started with two sides, the red and white army. The red army were the Bolsheviks and they ended up winning the war.
  • Lenin takes power

    Lenin took power after he won the october revolution by taking away the power of the Russia Goverment.
  • Assassination of Romanov family

    The Romanov family are brought to a room for there "protection" then russian soldiers kill the family.
  • Russia pulls out of WWI

  • Trotsky wins Civil War

  • Stalin comes to power

  • Russia becomes a totalitarian state

  • Period: to

    The Great Purge

    Joseph Stalin made the great purge and this involved the red army and the secret police.