Russian Revolution

  • Marx and Engels write the Communist Manifesto

    Marx and Engels write the Communist Manifesto
    In 1848, Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto and called on lower class workers to revolt against capitalism.
  • Loss of Russo-Japanese War

    Loss of Russo-Japanese War
    In mid 1905, the Russo-Japanese war came to an end with a humiliating loss on Russia's side.
  • 1905 Revolution

    1905 Revolution
    A revolution began in 1905 that would be something like the dress rehearsal for the 1917 Revolution, as said by Vladimir Lenin himself.
  • Alexander Kerensky Takes Over

    Alexander Kerensky Takes Over
    Alexander Kerensky became head of Government and was more focused on staying in the First World War than fixing Russia's issues; it's said that the failure of this government led to the October Revolution.
  • February Revolution

    February Revolution
    The February Revolution was the beginning of the Russian Revolution and was what saw the downfall of Tsar Nicholas II.
  • October Revolution

    October Revolution
    The October Revolution is one that saw the overthrowing of the Provisional Government and the rise of the Bolsheviks.
  • Russian Civil War Begins

    Russian Civil War Begins
    After the Bolsheviks had overthrown the Provisional Government, a civil war sparked in Russia because many of the civilians didn't agree with the Bolshevik rule.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
    In 1918, Russia signed a peace treaty with the Central Powers to end their participation in the First World War.
  • Creation of U.S.S.R

    Creation of U.S.S.R
    In 1921, Russia came out of the ashes amongst 15 other republics as the newly established U.S.S.R -- United Socialist Soviet Republic -- which marked the high point for the Marxist-Communist party.