Russian refvolution

Russian Revolution

By olinr
  • Existing political party splits

    The Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) meeting in which the Party splits into two factions: Mensheviks ("minority") and Bolsheviks ("majority")
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday in St. Petersburg begins the 1905 Russian Revolution
  • October Manifesto issued

    The October Manifesto, issued by Czar Nicholas II, brings an end to the 1905 Russian Revolution by promising civil liberties and an elected parliament (Duma)
  • Czar gains command of army

    Czar Nicholas II assumes supreme command of the Russian Army
  • Rasputin Murdered

    Rasputin is murdered
  • February Revolution begins

    The February Revolution begins with strikes, demonstrations, and mutinies in Petrograd
  • Czar abdicates

    Czar Nicholas II abdicates and includes his son. The following day, Nicholas' brother, Mikhail announced his refusal to accept the throne. Provisional Government formed
  • July days begin

    The July Days begin in Petrograd with spontaneous protests against the Provisional Government; after the Bolsheviks unsuccessfully try to direct these protests into a coup, Lenin is forced into hiding
  • kerensky becomes Prime Minister

    Alexander Kerensky becomes Prime Minister of the Provisional Government
  • October revolution begins

    The October Revolution - the Bolsheviks take over Petrograd
  • Winter Palace falls

    The Winter Palace, the last holdout of the Provisional Government, is taken by the Bolsheviks; the Council of People's Commissars (abbreviated as Sovnarkom), led by Lenin, is now in control of Russia
  • Communist party arise

    The Bolshevik Party changes its name to the Communist Party
  • Russian civil war begins

    Russian civil war begins
  • USSR Created

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) established
  • lenin dies

    Lenin dies; Stalin will become his successor