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Russian Revolution

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    Russian Revolution

  • Decembrist Revolt

    Decembrist Revolt
    *The Decembrist were rebels made up of military leaders, the military, and nobles.
    *Took place in Saint Petersburg, Senate Square.
    *They were protesting on Nicholas I taking the thrown.
    *Nicholas stopped the revolt and forced new regulations to prevent it from happening again.
  • Emancipation of the Serfs

    Emancipation of the Serfs
    *Greatest liberal reform of Alexander II reign
    *Freed over 33 million people
    *Although the serfs had gained their freedom they were far from great. Some serfs were not given land and those who were given land, were given very little and had to sell it because they were in great debt due to the redemption taxes
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    *Took place in St. Petersburg Sqaure.
    *peacful protesters were shoot and killed buy Imperial Guards.
    *Nicholas II (Czar) ordered the shooting
  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    *the revolution was said to be officialy started on bloody sunday
    *The revolution included terrorism, worker strikes, and peasent unrest mostly directed to the government.
    *this lead Russia to have a multi-party system and to have the Russian Constitution (which was established in 1906)
  • Russia Enters WWI

    Russia Enters WWI
    *Entered war because Allie Serbia was invaded by Austria-Hungary
    *Left war after being pushed back by the Germans, and because their were so many revolutions acurring in Russia.
    *This was one of the reasons why Czar Nicholas was abdicated and then later murdered.
  • Rasputin Murder

    Rasputin Murder
    *The aristocracy could not stand that Rasputin was a peasant that was given such a high power because of his magical abilities.
    *The people behind Rasputins murder was Felix Yusupov, Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, Vladimir Purishkevich, Lieutenant Sukhotin and Dr. Lazavert.
    *They first feed him a meal laced with enough posion to kill him 10 times, but he didn't die. He was then shot, and came back to live, then beat with a lead pipe, and then thrown in a river. When found it was said he drowned.
  • Marrch Revolution

    Marrch Revolution
    *Was caused by military failiurs in WWI, but also because the people of Russia were unhappy with the way the country was being run.
    *This caused the abdication of Csar Nicholas II, and ended the Romanov dynasty.
    *Provisional government was put into effect witch was made up of liberals and socialists.
  • Csar Nicholas II Abdicated

    Csar Nicholas II Abdicated
    *Entered Russian into WWI
    *Was strongly disliked by the poeple of Russian witch lead to his abdication
    *Nicholas II peacfuly abdicated himself
    *But was then kept under house arrest and murdered.
    *He was abdicated after the March Revolutioin
    *Last Emperor of Russia.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    *Took place in Petrograd
    *Over through Russian Provisional Government and gave power to local soviets.
    * The Bolshevik Revolution is also know as October Revolution
    *The Bolshevik Party was able to capture the Winter Palace on 25 of October in 1917 due to the support they had from local soviets and some military forces.
    *Czar Nicholas II was dethrowned on this day
  • Murder of the Romanovs

    Murder of the Romanovs
    *The hole family of Czar Nicholas II was murdered. (even Anastasia.)
    *The Romanovs were placed under house arrest.
    *Yurovsky was the incharge of this execution
    *Were murdered brutaly and beried in a mass grave.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    *Peace treaty that ended World War I
    *This treaty put Germany at full fault for the war. Germany had to pay heavy reparation, they were forced to give up much land.
    *The reperations costed around 31.4 billion dollars
    *Nor Russia or Germany was present during the construction of this treaty.
  • Stalin Takes Power/Death of Trotsky

    Stalin Takes Power/Death of Trotsky
    *Stalin took power after lenin's death even though lenin said he was a dangerous person and that he should be dismissed.
    *Stalin was the leader of the communist Party.
    *Trotsky was killed in mexico with a hatchet by oneof Stalin's secret police.
  • Lenin Dies/ USSR Formed

    Lenin Dies/ USSR Formed
    *Lenin was the creator of the Soviet Communist Party, Leader of the 1917 Revolution, and was the founder of the USSR.
    *Lenin died of a heart attack
    *The USSR is a socialist state, in the government, that lasted until1922.