Russian revolution

Russian Revolution

  • Rasputin

    Rasputin infoRasputin was a manipulative person. He used Alexandria while Nicholas II was at war. He was praised as a god by Alexandria and had her convinced that he could speak to god to heal her son. Rasputin was murdered by the Great Duke Dmitri Romanov, Prince Felix Yussupov, Vladimir Purishkevich (a member of the Russian Parliament), and Dr. Lazaret. There was an attempt to poison him, which failed because he was such an alcoholic, and he was shot three times, twice in the back, and once in the head.
  • Trotsky

    A Russian Marxist and theorist, Leon Trotsky, born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, was the first leader f the Red Army. Leon Trotsky was removed from power, and the Communist Party and banished from Russia, Trotsky was eventually killed by an assassin under Stalin's order.
  • Period: to

    Russian Revoluton

  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Bloody Sunday InfoOn January 22, 1905 Bloody Sunday sparked the Russian Revolution. A group of peaceful protesters were marching to the capitol to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. The protesters were shot and killed by Tsarist troops, this happened in St. Petersburg.
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    •April 23 (May 6 NS) - A constitution (the Fundamental Laws of 1906) is created, reflecting the promises made in the October Manifesto
  • First World War

    First World War
    When the war started Rasputin told Ncholas II he needs to go to war, and Nicholas II listened. Rasputin controlled Alexandra and pushed her to do things. Rasputin also was a spy selling military plans to Germany.
  • Tsar Nicholas II

    Tsar Nicholas II
    The last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II was not a decisive man. He could never make a decision on an issue causing famine in Russia. He was a pushover and was not a successful man. He and his family died by a firing squad.
  • Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates

    Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates
    The government orders troops to fire on unarmed protesters after several days. The next day these troops mutiny. When Moscow joins the protests the Tsar abdicates.
  • Russia stays in Word War I

    Russia stays in Word War I
    On April 18, after Foreign Minister Milyukov takes over Russia, he tells allied forces that Russia will stay in the war. Milyukov's opposition grows due to him not renouncing his annexations. Foreign Minister Milyukov does not renounce annexation. Forcing future events.
  • General Kornilov Dictatorship

    General Kornilov Dictatorship
    After being put in power General Kornilov tries to put up a dictatorship. He failed and Chernov the leader of the Socialist Revolutionaries resigns. Chernov denounced General Kornilov pulling him down with him.
  • Lenin Takes Power

    Lenin Takes Power
    Vladimir Lenin, the Communist leader of Russia. Leader of the Bolshevik party. Vladimir Lenin's Presidency is in whole of the Civil War but the last two years.
  • Russian Civil War... BEGIN!

    Russian Civil War... BEGIN!
    Russia turns to civl war. The White's a group of tsarist troops form an army. They surround the Red Communist army.
  • Open Fire for Food

    Open Fire for Food
    Timeline for events of the Civil War in 1918May 9th Bolshevik soldiers open fire on protesting workers. They were protesting about the food shortage. This all happend in the town Kolpino.
  • Ministers Arrested

    Ministers Arrested
    3 ministers were arrested by the Siberian Government when they arrived in Omsk. They were ordered to resign from there post. 2 of them accpted and 1 did not. Since he refused he was hacked to death.
  • Failed assassination

    Failed assassination
    Lenin assassination attempt infoA failed assassination attempt on Lenin's life. The assassin was an underground anarchist who fired 3 bullets at Lenin. Two of the bullets hit Lenin in the left shooulder. The assassin was Fanya Efimovna Kaplan.
  • Russian Civil War Update

    Russian Civil War Update
    Timeline for Russian Civil War 1919During January of1919 The Russian Reds became very mobile. On January third they invaded Latvia and on the fourth they took Riga the capitol of Latvia. the Reds then recapture Vilna in Lithuania.
  • Civil War Update Late January

    Civil War Update Late January
    The Communists (Reds) were dominating the civil war. They recaptures Orenburg on the twenty-fifth. Two days later they recaptured Ekaterinburg.
  • The attempted Resolution to the Revolution

    The attempted Resolution to the Revolution
    U.S. diplomat William C. Bullitt goes to Moscow and and returns with peace proposals from the Bolsheviks. The allies do not accept. The allies then begin to assisst the White army.
  • Communists take Ukraine

    Communists take Ukraine
    The Bosheviks influence is still spreading through force. Alexander Garbai becomes President of Ukraine. The Foreign Minister is Bela Kun.
  • Allies Retreat

    Allies Retreat
    On April 16, 1919 the Allies evacuate from Odessa because of the Red Army's advances. The Soviets take Ukraine and the Soviet Republic is born in Ukraine. On April 16, 1919 Gen. Von Der Gotz stages a coup in Latvia.
  • White Army Returns

    White Army Returns
    Deninkin the leader of the White Army captures Odessa. The White Army makes a last push. At the end of August the White Army takes Ukraine back.
  • White Army Advances

    White Army Advances
    The white army moves from Ukraine to Moscow. Denikin captured Kiev on the second. General Slashehev beat Nestor Makhno leader of the Black Army in the Battle of Perehonivka. They won at a great loss.
  • The Whites advance on Petrograd (St. Petersburg)

    The Whites advance on Petrograd (St. Petersburg)
    Leading the White Army Nikolay Yudenich advanced on Petrograd from the south east. The Red Army counters. The counter ends in Yudenich retreating back into Estonia.
  • Change of Leadership

    Change of Leadership
    The White Army has a change of leadership. Kolchak is overthrown, and forced to resign. the man who takes his place is General Nikolay Semenov,
  • Kolchak Murdered

    Kolchak Murdered
    Leader of the White Army Kolchak, is executed.Kolchak was killed by a firing squad. Kolchak's body was thrown in the Angara River.
  • Lenin's Plan to Rid Russia of the Japanese

    Lenin's Plan to Rid Russia of the Japanese
    Timeline for events in 1920Lenin forms the Far Eastern Republic. He puts Alexander Krasnoshchekov as it's President. This is Lenin's tool to get the Japanese out of Russia.
  • The Red Army's been busy

    The Red Army's been busy
    From April to June the Red Army Took two cities. They captured Kiev, Poland and Baku. They assumed control of Kiev in June after troops took it in May.
  • The Green Army

    The Green Army
    The Red Army goes to collect taxes in a village called Kamenka. The taxes are to high and the village revolts. Areas around also begin to revolt and the Green Army is formed.
  • The Reds win

    The Reds win
    The Reds led by Mikhail Frunze, the Whites led by Pyotr Wrangel. The Reds beat out the Whites for good. The Whites retreat in the direction of the Crimea direction Constantinople. Like Charley Sheen the Red Army is "WINNING"
  • End of the Russian civil war

    End of the Russian civil war
    After regaining lost territory Russia ended it's civil war. A Communist government. Lenin was in power.
  • Stroked out Lenin retires

    Stroked out Lenin retires
    Lenin resigned after his second stroke but still held position. In the next few years Lenin suffered 3 debilitating strokes. In total Lenin had 5 strokes.
  • Stalin takes power

    Stalin takes power
    After Lenin's death Stalin steps in as a provisional leader. Though he doesn't have sole power he still is acting in Lenin's place. Stalin is never in the Presidency position but still manages to have more power. After Lenins death Staln begins to give himself more and more power.
  • Down goes Lenin

    Down goes Lenin
    Lenin HistoryOn January 21, 1924 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Communist leader of Russia dies. Lenin's death is still exactly unknown to doctors. Stalin was his successor.
  • Stalin assumes Control

    Stalin assumes Control
    Though he did not have total control he was so far just filling the posititon. Stalin does end up assuming complete control of the Soviet Union. The USSR looks away when Stalin takes control.