Russian Revolution

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    March Revolution

  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    This revolution took place in February of 1917 because Russia used the Julien Calendar. The Revolution erupted when social and economic isses left the country in chaos. People were not happy with their ruler, or the easily defeated military. These causes were the stepping stone of the murder of the royal family.
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    Russian Civil War

  • Beginings Russia Civil War

    Beginings Russia Civil War
    In November, Russia was being torn apart by people who opposed the Bolsheviks. The country was split after the fall of Nicholas II, into the Bolshevik Reds, and the Whites made up of monarchists. Each side attempted armed takeovers, and people consider this battle one of the bloodiest ever. The two sides even moved into Central Asia to find allies. This went on for a few years and spanned other nations but trouble communicating helped the Reds defeat the Whites, but left Russia in Ruin.
  • Murder of Romanov Royal Family

    Murder of Romanov Royal Family
    The Romanov Family ruled in Russia from 1613-1917. The family included the father, Nicholas II Romanov, his wife Alexandra and their 5 children. Nicholas II was not a well-respected ruler and was opposed by the working class. Revolts broke out and Nicholas was forced to resign as Tsar which caused fear in his family's safety. On July 17, the family was told to wait in a basement to be escorted to a safer place. The family was killed by the "guard", and buried. Who gave the order is still argued.