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Russian Revolution

  • Decembrist Revolt

    Decembrist Revolt
    • A small group of nobles and army officers were trying to get rid of the czars, in the government. -Wanted to set up a consitutional monarchy
    • Czar Nicholas I came along and executed 5 leaders and exiled hundereds more to Siberia
  • Emancipation of the Serfs

    Emancipation of the Serfs
    • Alexander II, freed the serfs
    • They gained political rights and were allowed to keep their homes and tools. -They had to buy land though at high prices.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    -Many unarmed men, women and childern; all marched with Father Gapon, carrying banners bearing picutres of the czar and his wife.
    - When they arrived at the palace, soldiers then began to fire at the marchers
    -Killed 100 people and hundreds more severly wounded.
  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    -Bloody Sunday, horrified the Russians and sparked the revolution
    - Riots and strikes swept the cites, peasants looted and burned the home of landowners.
    -Czar Nicholas II agreed to set up and elected assmebly called the Duma, but it had little power and failed to resolve Russia's basic problems.
  • Russia Enters WWI

    Russia Enters WWI
    -On Aug. 1st, 1914 Germany declared war on Russia
    -Russia entered WWI because the ally of Russia, Serbia was attacked and accused of assassination by Austria-Hungary.
    -Russia entered WWI with the world’s largest army and had many allies like Serbia, France, and Britain and they called themselves the Entente.
    -The Entente eventually won the war and Germany was forced to pay reparations.
  • Rasputin Mudered

    Rasputin Mudered
    -A group of nobles took Rasputin to the Yusupovsky Palace, where they first tried to poison his wine with cyanide.
    -He did not respond to the large doses of poison placed in his wine and food after that was unsuccessful they shot him. A minute later he rose, and attempted to escape from the palace grounds and then was shot again. Rasputin was still alive
    - He was thrown into a freezing river, when his body was found his cause of death, was by water in his lungs
  • Tsar Nicholas II Abdicated

    Tsar Nicholas II Abdicated
    -The governments supplies started to decrease and Tsar Nicholas II was away in the beginning of 1915 and the capital was left to soldiers and strikers.
    -The British ambassador attempted to warn the Tsar who at t of the possibility of revolution if constitutional reforms weren’t met, but the Tsar didn’t listen.
    -As a result of the war there were many food shortages and citizens began to get angry and destroy buildings and shops. On this date the Tsar chose to abdicate.
  • March Revolution

    March Revolution
    -Started when 90 000 textile workers went on strike in Russia protesting about the shortage of fuel and bread.
    - The Czar sent out the military to shoot the protesters. Instead the army shot their officers and joined the cause.
    -The Czar and his family they were sent to house arrest, then excelled, and finally they were executed. Rumor has it that one of the Czar's children, Anastasia, escaped the death.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    -The Provisonal Russian Government, was overthrouwn by Bolsheviks.
    -Lenin convinced the Bolshevik Party to form an immediate insurrection against the Provisional Government. The Bolshevik leaders felt it was of the utmost importance to act quickly while they had the momentum to do so.
    -Once the shot rang out from the Battleship Aurora, the thousands of people in the Red Guard stormed the Winter Palace. The Provisional Government had officially fallen to the Bolshevik regime
  • Murder of the Romanovs

    Murder of the Romanovs
    -The Romanov family was murdered at Ekateringburg on July 17th, 1918.
    -After his abdication in March 1917, Nicholas and his family had been put under house arrest and kept just outside of St. Petersburg.
    -Nicholas and Alexandra died almost immediately, the Romanov children and at least one servant took more than a single bullet. The Grand Duchesses were somewhat protected by the jewels sewn into their clothing.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    -One of the peace treaties at the end of World War I that ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers.
    -Of the many provisions in the treaty, one of the most important and controversial required Germany to accept sole responsibility for causing the war
    -The total cost of these reparations was assessed at 132 billion Marks (then $31.4 billion, £6,600 million) in 1921 which is roughly equivalent to US$ 385 billion in 2011.
  • Lenin Dies

    Lenin Dies
    -Lenin died of January 21, 1924 at the age of 53.
    -His original successor was supposed to be Trotsky however the public did not know that.
    -Joseph Stalin then eliminated all threats and formed the USSR and created a communist government (Dec. 29, 1922)
  • Death of Trotsky

    Death of Trotsky
    -Ramon Mercader, who was a member of the secret police organization that the Soviet Union; with permission of Stalin he went into Leon Trotsky’s study and took and ice axe and attacked the leader in the head.

    -Trotsky’s bodyguards heard the commotion, they rushed in and tried to save their boss, he went to the hospital and died on August 21, 1940.

    -Joseph Stalin took over power on May 6, 1941 and became the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.