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Russian Revolution

  • Strike

    140,000 people strike in Petrograd to commemorate Bloody Sunday. (a massacre where many peaceful workers were killed).
  • Rations

    The Petrograd authority and government announce that bread will rationed among the people. Panic ensues and strikes become more frequent.
  • Bread Riots

    Bread Riots
    200,000+ men are now part of the revolution. They are now demanding for bread and rights to be restored. Violence erupts and casualties are common. The revolution now demands for the Tsar to be condemned and a free nation, all free members of the workers group are arrested. Cossack troops attack rioters.
  • Agreements and arrest

    Agreements and arrest
    The Provisional Government issues a series of goals and democratic policies to re-establish a proper government. The rioters are suprised to see that they are pleasantly optimistic but then realize it is worse. Demands for war erupt and Tsar and his family are arrested.
  • April Thesis

    April Thesis
    Lenin returns to Russia on April 3rd and is given complete dominance of the Bolshevik party, the following day he presents a speech for the followers of his party. He promises peace, land, bread, worker control, and the end of the war.
  • Period: to

    Komensky offensive

    The Korensky offensive on the Eastern front look to get a big victory over the foreign army in order to restore morale. Initial successes are lost after German counter-attacks. Over 400,000 Russian soldiers die. This increases the amount of people wanting to end the war. Even soldiers are beginning to turn and ask for an end.
  • New leadership

    New leadership
    The first coalition of the provisional government collapses, partly due to Chernov's argarian policies and the question of Ukranian autonomy. Kerensky succeeds as prime minister forming the second coalition, reforming the PG and the PS. They drift away from democracy and the soviet/original PG.
  • Period: to

    New Militia

    The PS forms a new committee to act against the counter-revolution. Bolsheviks are given equal power. over 40,000 workers and soldiers from the red guard disarm the army. The new militia remain active.
  • New Republic

    New Republic
    Kerensky responds to events by declaring Russia a republic and creating a 5 man directory as government; he controls the new body, but it's weak.
  • Declaration of Rights

    Declaration of Rights
    The Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia is issued.
  • Bolshevik Control

    Bolshevik Control
    Bolsheviks finally take control of Moscow and the Kremlin.
  • Peace

    Official peace negotiations begin on the Eastern Front.