Russian Revolurion

By Picclz
  • Emancipation of the Serfs

    when the Tsar Alexander II removed the serf from the system giving those people fredom and liberty which lead to some problem down the road.
  • Russo-Turkish War

    Alexander II major succesful campaign over the Ottamon Turks
  • Anti-semnism

    The jewish people were very disrespected at these times and violence was encouraged agaisnt them.
  • Assassination of Tsar Alexander II

    The assassination of Alexander II by the 'People's Will' terriost group which lead to his son crown Tsar and starting the repsresive regime.
  • Nicholas II

    Nicholars II became Tsar of Russia and well be the last Tsar of Russia. His bad decisions as ruler and military leader caused the downfall autocratic government and lead to the revolution.
  • Bloody Sunday

    150 000 striking workers and their families march through the streats of St Petersburg protesting to the Tsar and on occasions shot down by the army
  • October Manifesto

    A document granting civil liberties and the duma need concent to create laws. Allowed for the return of many organization and rebels such as Lenin.
  • 1905 Revolution

    (1905-1907)The widespread termiol, peasant unrest and military disconduct lead to a limited constitutional monarchy in control of the government.
  • 1917

    Vlamdimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks gain power from the former temporary government and starting the first communist country, The Soviet Union