Russian Histroy

  • Jan 1, 1238

    Mongol Warriors

    Mongol Warriors
    The Mongols took over Kieven Rus. They devastated Kieven Rus. Batukhn led them to victory over Kieven Rus.
  • Jan 1, 1271

    Moscow's Expansion

    Moscow's Expansion
    Moscow expanded to over 430,000 kilometers. They grew due to the conquest of their leader. They soon absorbed Valdimir their partner.
  • Russian Orthodox Church

    Russian Orthodox Church
    The Russian Orthodox Church becomes independent. They make their own church traditions. These churches start to expand to all of Russia.
  • Michael Romanov

    Michael Romanov
    Michael Romanov becomes the czar of Russia. He there reamins czar until 1645. He started a dynasty that lasted till 1917.
  • Peter the Great

    Peter the Great
    Peter the Great started a reformation. During the reformation he started a comscript army. He was subordinate to the Church.
  • Russia and Napoleon

    Russia and Napoleon
    Russia intervains with the French Revolution. Russia helps defeat Napoleon with the French. After this they started to grow.
  • The Emancipation Effect Ends

    The Emancipation Effect Ends
    The mancipation effect ends and that ends Serfodam. This end brings an industrial boom. Working classes grew and Revolutionary ideas spread.
  • Democratic Party

    Democratic Party
    The social Democratic Party is founded. In 1913 the party split. They split into 2 factions called Bolshevik and Meushevir.
  • Russia in World War I

    Russia in World War I
    Russia had an outbreak with Austria. Balkaus contributed to the start of World War I. Russia faught with Britian and France.
  • Grand Duke Valdimir I

    Grand Duke Valdimir I
    He is the leader of Kieven Rus. He became Eastern Orthodox. After that he baptized all of Kieven Rus.