Russian history 1850-1935

By jblaise
  • Russia black sea is destroyed by the treaty of versailles

    Russia black sea is destroyed by the treaty of versailles
    with the treaty of versailles signed, one of the terms in the agreement is that Russia's right to uphold their black sea fleet is revoked and void.
  • Russia and China sign a border treaty

     Russia and China sign a border treaty
    representatives from both Russia and Quing, china came together to sign a treaty in the city of Aigun. in this treaty the northern bank of Armur river is ceded to Russia
  • treaty of beijing is signed

    treaty of beijing is signed
    Russia forced china to sign this treaty with not only Russia but Britiain and franceas well. Wusulijiang was ceded to russia.
  • Alexander II demoralizes local government with the Zemstvo System is

    Alexander II demoralizes local government with the Zemstvo System is
    to further establish his own rule over anyone else, Alexanader uses the Zemstvo System which is an elective coucil responsibble for the local administration of a provincial district in czarist Russia .
  • Bulgarians rebel against the Ottomans and Serbia declares war on the Ottoman Empire, with help from Russian volunteers

    to regain lost territory from the crimean war, Russia took it upon themselves to reestablish itself in the Black Sea and following the political movement attempting to free Balkan nations from the Ottoman Empire. As a result of the war, the principalities of Romania, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Alexander III succeeded his father to the throne

    Alexander III succeeded his father to the throne
    with his new ruling, the level of authority was raised to the point where the czar was a sacred position and anyone who questioned it in any way, they would be labled dangerous. Alexander III was a very merciless czar with harsh measures of justice such as censorship codes on published materials and written document, even private letters were on watch
  • Russians and British compete for control of Central Asia, turning Britain into an enemy of Russia

    central asia was a very key location due to the fact that the nation with this under their control, they could move spread their power over various cities and increase their military morality, therefore this caused much conflict between russia and Britain.
  • The Rothschild family founds the Black Sea Pyotroleum Company

    with the rise in discovery of oil, came more people digging to find more oil. within all this commotion came the Rothschild family with the ingenius idea of founding a company to financially benefit from the multiple discoveries of oil
  • "bloody sunday"

    "bloody sunday"
    workers were forced to work under hazardous conditions. the factories were beyond unhealthy for the beggars that were made to work under such unprecidented conditions. on this day, the russian workers banned together to commence a peaceful strike against the factory owners in an attempt to gain better working conditions. Unfortunartely, Nicholas II's generals responded to the peaceful demonstration with gunfire thus wounding 1,000 and killing hundereds. history named this day"bloody sunday"
  • the first Duma meeting

     the first Duma meeting
    the duma was Russia's first parliament. the leaders were moderates who wanted Russia to become more like britain who lives by a constitution. But due to the disliking of sharing power, the Duma was removed after 10 weeks .
  • world war I

    world war I
    with the unfortunate turn of events, russia was dragged into what was to be the war that would change everything for russia. Nicholas II was forced to deal with the massacre of his army from German machine guns decapitating the moral of Russia years passed a total of 4 million sodier died, captured, or wounded. in hopes of turning things around, Nicholas moved his headquarters to the war front, but died from Hemophilia shortly after along with his wife alexandria.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    female textile workers held city-wide strike. Riots were even taking place within just five days over food and fuel shortages. "down with the autocracy!" and "down with the war!" they even won the favor of the soldiers who eventually went against the order to kill the rioters
  • Lennin returns to russia

    Lennin returns to russia
    after many years of exile, Russia arraged the return of the bolshevik leader during the time of when the government was losing its supporters. he gained the support of the cities as they chanted "All power to the soviets" and "peace, land, and bread."
  • Russia and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-litovsk

    Russia and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-litovsk
    Russia had to humiliatingly forfeit its land to Germany and the rest of their allies which angered the Russian and cause much resentment towards the Bolsheviks and the murder of the Royal family.
  • Lenin establishes the new Economic policy

    Lenin establishes the new Economic policy
    under this new policy, pesantes were able to sell their surplus crops instead of turning them over to the government and profit for thmeselves and the their families. though the government still held control over major industires, banks and means of communication, private ownership over businesses are allowed to be given to the people.