Russia Timeline

  • Alexander I

    Alexander I
    In 1801, alexander inherited the throne. He was open to many liberal ideas. But then napolean invaded russia in 1812. He then drawn back from reform. Alexander I wanted to stay on the nobles good side, he didnt want to loose their support. Then in 1825 when Alexander I died people took his liberal ideas and demanded consitution and other reforms towards napolean.
  • Nicolas I

    Nicolas I
    in 1825 Nicholas was now the new czar. He wasnt into liberal ideas. thats why he banned any book that might spread liberal ideas. This made people that believed in liberal ideas seem crazy and end up in mental hospitals. about 150,000 were exhiled from Siberia. Nicholas also tried to limit the power of landowners. He didnt have any russian happy with his moves. then died.
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II
    in 1855 alexander took throne during the Crimean War. The war ended in defeat. it was very dramatic people needed change. When liberals demanded changes alexander agreed to refoms in 1861. This required the emancipation. This caused many peaseants to move to the cities and work in factories and helped the economy alot. Alexanders reforms were quite revolutionary.
  • Alexander III

    Alexander III
    After his father's assasination Alexander III took over. He went back to the ideas of nicolas I. He wanted all liberal ideas gone.He then increased the power of the secret police restored strict censorship and exhiled anyone who disagreed. Later he made sure that there was only one language being spoken in russia , russian and the one church , the Russian Orthodox Church. Then he lowered the powers of jews making them seem less superior. ex not allowed to study in univerities.
  • Nicolas II

    Nicolas II
    Nicolas and his father Alexander III finally entered th e industrial age. They were now into the economic development of the country. They starting building in Russia to transport their goods.The peasants were scared of this economic growth, they ended up working longer hours while the goverment officials were for it.
  • Revolution of 1905

    Revolution of 1905
    after the Bloody Sunday news went across Russia people began to strike. Workers would take over local goverment. In the countryside peasants revolted and demanded land. Matter of fact assasins were cheered as heros by discontented Russians. Then Nicholas changed a couple things to keep the russians calm. after all the manifesto won over moderates, leaving socialist isolated.

    the czar fled to the palace with soilders. The people saw them line up and got scared so they all scattered. Then suddenly gunshots went off. Hundreds of people were left dead. This was the day russians lost faith and trust in their czar.