Russia's Economic Timeline

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  • Russo-Japan War

    War between Russia and Japan, Russia suffered defeat.
  • Duma Created

    A legislative elected assembly formed by Czar Nicholas II
  • WWI Starts

  • WWI Ends

  • November Revolution

    A Revolution staged by the Bolsheviks(Soviet group,Marxist,Lenin) to overthrow Government and establish socialism
  • Tzar abdicates

    Tzar Nicholas II removes himself from the throne
  • Duma becomes Provisional Government

    The Duma is the "head" of Russia while they wait for a more permanent leader to take charge.
  • Russian Civil War Starts

    The Russian Civil war is where the:
    Whites: Fought for the same, capitalist government
    Reds: Fought for communism, included bolcheviks
  • Russian Civil War Ends

  • Lenin's Death

  • The "Five Year Plan" begins with Stalin's leadership

    The 5 Year Plan was a promise/plan that Stalin made to the people that Russua would be fully industrialized in 5 years.
  • Stalin comes to power

    Soviet Union leader
  • Great Purge Starts

    The Great Terror/Purge is a period of time where Stalin became extremely paranoid that people were against him so he sent MANY innocent people into prison for years
  • WWII Starts

  • Great Purge Ends

  • WWII Ends

  • Cold War Starts

    A time of tension between the US and the Soviet Union.
  • Stalin's Death

  • Nixon/Khruschev Kitchen Debate

    A debate between the US Vice President and the Soviet First Secretary that happened when American exhibition started. They debated over styles of government.
  • Gorbachev comes to power

    The 8th and last leader of the Soviet Union
  • Glasnost & Perestroika

    The encouragement of the people to help reform the government, make suggestions, or changes.
  • Cold War Ends

  • End of Soviet Union

  • Period: to


    Period after Stalin's death where the Soviet Union reforms the government/laws that Stalin had ensured.