Russia, by Alex Traub

  • Jan 1, 600

    600 B.C.- 600 A.D.

    After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire emerged and planted their capital in Constantinople, which is near Russian territory.
  • Jan 1, 1156

    Kremlin Walls

    Kremlin Walls
    The beginning of the construction of the Kremlin Walls ( a huge defensive wall)
  • Jan 1, 1204

    4th Crusade

    Constantinople falls victim to the 4th crusade
  • Jan 1, 1236

    Mongol Invasion

    The Mongols invade Russia
  • Jan 1, 1439

    Orthodox Seperation

    The Orthodox churches of Greece and Russia officially separate
  • Jan 1, 1582

    Khanate of Sibir

    Russians conquer Khanate of Sibir, essentially land that had extreme Mongol influence
  • 1533- 1584- Rule of Prince Ivan IV

    Rule of Prince Ivan IV
  • 1613-1645- Rule of Mikhail

    Rule of Mikhail, who happens to be the first Romanov tsar
  • Serfs

    Serfs are officially subordinated
  • 1689-1725- Rule of Peter the Great

    1689-1725- Rule of Peter the Great
    Rule of Peter the Great
  • St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg
    St. Petersburg becomes Russia’s capital
  • 1762-1796- Catherine the Great

    1762-1796- Catherine the Great
    Rule of Catherine the Great
  • Alaska

    Alaska officially becomes a Russian colony
  • 1801-1825- Alexander I rule

    1801-1825- Alexander I rule
    Alexander I rule
  • Napoleon invades Moscow

    Napoleon invades Moscow
    Napoleon attempts to invade Moscow, but is overpowered and retreats
  • Decembrist Revolt

    Decembrist Revolt
    Decembrist Revolt, led by reformed military leaders who wanted to see a change in government after Alexander I death. They were unsuccessful, and Nicholas I took control.
  • Steam Powered

    Steam Powered
    Steam navigation begins in Russia, and proves to be a success
  • 1853-1856- Crimean War

    1853-1856- Crimean War
    Crimean War; a feud between the Russians against the French and British.
  • Serf Freedom

    Serf Freedom
    Serfs granted freedom by Tsar Alexander II, after being pressured by Britain)
  • Turkey War

    Russia declares war on Turkey in WWI
  • 1918-1920- Bolsheviks

    1918-1920- Bolsheviks
    Civil war tears Russia apart, with the differing sides being the Bolsheviks and non-Bolsheviks
  • Leader Stalin

    Leader Stalin
    Vladimir Lenin dies, and Joseph Stalin takes over as leader of the Soviet Union
  • Five Year Plan

    Five Year Plan
    The Five Year Plan is adopted, in which property, land, and lives were taken
  • U.S. and Soviet Union

    The United States officially recognizes the Soviet Union
  • Poland Invasion

    Poland Invasion
    Soviet troops invade Poland, and World War II begins. Also, the Soviets and Nazi Germany reach a non-aggression pact
  • Berlin Captured

    Berlin Captured
    Soviet troops capture and control Berlin, and declare war on Japan; Cold War begins
  • End of Soviet Union and Cold War

    End of Soviet Union and Cold War
    Cold War ends, and so does the Soviet Union
  • Medieval Russia

    Medieval Russia
    Beginning of medieval Russia
  • 8000-600 B.C.

    8000-600 B.C.
    The Shigir Idol is made which happens to be the most ancient wooden sculpture. It was found in Yekaterinburg, Russia on January 24th, 1894.
  • 8000-600 B.C.

    8000-600 B.C.
    Around this time, Russia was mainly a massive glacier, so many signs of humanity in this region around this time frame is very thin.