• Germinal Period

    Prenatal growth. Roxanne forms into an embryo
  • Period: to


  • Embryonic Period

    2nd stage in prenatal development. Roxanne forms legs, arms, fingers, toes and organs
  • Fetus Stage

    The 3rd stage in prenatal growth. Roxanne has become a fetus! It's a girl!
    She's growing fast.
  • Birth

    Roxanne is born on September 4th 1968. 7 Lbs 3 oz agt Mount Carmel hospital in Michigan.
  • 4 to 8 months

    Biosocial development: I could babble, laugh and flip over. I could also sit up and watch out for your hair I liked to grab it.
    Cognitive development: I interacted with people much more and got excited when I leaarned how something worked. Like a rattle.
    Psychosocial development: I became more socially aware at this stage. I outwardly exuded happiness with my smiles. I also showed more emotions like anger.
  • Almost a year old

    Biosocial development: I tripled my birth weight and am growing fast. I slept around 12 hours a day.
    Cognitive development: I adapted to different circumstances. If something didn't look right I attemempted to put it in order.
    Psychosocial developement: I was sometimes afraid of new experiences and sounds. I got anxious when my mom was not in the room. I had begun to realize I am a different being from other people.
    I pulled myself up and crawled.
  • Two Years old

    I walked around with a little help and could squat to fill up a sand pail. My jabbering has become words.
    Biosocially I was half my adult height and about a 5th of my adult weight. I slept a little less. I had about 25% more growth for my brain to be adult size.
    Cognitively I considered before doing something. I had begun to recognize what I needed to do
    Psychosocially I had a little separation anxiety but less than when I was a year old. I experienced all emotions. I was also more self aware.
  • Time for school

    Off to kindrgarten at Amerman Elementary in Northville, MI at 6 years old.
    Biosocial development: I was around 40 to 50 pounds and approximately 3 and 1/2 feet tall. I could write simple words, ride a bike and tie my own shoes. I could draw and paint.
    Cognitive development: I knew around 10,000 words.
    Psychosocial development: I had developed a greater attention span and knew I was different from boys.
    I prefered to eat only certain foods and grew much taller
  • Middle Childhood

    Biosocial development: I was growing slower and could brush my teeth and dress myself.
    Cognitive development: I thought more critically and used logic, I could read paragraphs and chapters continued to build my vocabulary.
    Psychosocial development: I reacted to things spontaneously and was more focused. I was able to verbally interact with friends and have true conversations.
  • Adolescence

    Biosocial development. My hormones made me jump from angry to happy to sad. My mother couldn't wait until it was over. I entered puberty.
    Cognitive development: My emotions were in a whirlwind. I was very concerned with how I looked and whether I was accepted by my peers.
    Psychosocial development: I began to try to find out who I was in the world.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial development: I reached sexual maturity and my adult height. My physical strength increased. My sexual reproductive system was at its peek.
    Cognitive development: I started to think more clearly. I was more practical. My problem solving skills were more advanced.
    Psychosocial development: I finally knew who I was and my place in the world. I worked at Big Lots while I attended beauty school. I married at 22.
  • Graduation

    Finally graduation from Northville High school. Roxanne goes straight to cosmetology school
  • Cosmetology

    I graduated from cosmetology school. I was still pretty immature at this age and a bit self centered too. I was starting to take things more seriousely and had rent and bills to pay. My youth was over.
  • Adulthood

    Biosocial development: I have been married and divorced with no children. I am truly focused on my goals and take responsibility seriousely. I am beginning to wonder if i will ever be able to retire. I notice I tire more easily, have become near and far sighted and have begun fogetting what i went into a room for. I write myself many notes.
    Cognitive development: I am more focused and efficient. I am less self absorbed and more emphathetic. Psychosocial: Will I reach my goals?
  • Late Adulthood

    Biosocial development: I am comfortable in my life but arthritis sucks. My hair is thinner and the skin sagging has gotten worse. I hardly recognize myself anymore.
    Cognitive development: I am getting senile. I wonder how long I will be able to continue driving.
    Psychosocial development: I have a few select friends that I spend my time with. I have an awesome rich husband who adores me. I have begun to realize I don't have that many years left.
  • Death

    I died peacefully in my sleep of old age.