Roman Empire

  • 753 BCE

    Founding of Rome

    Romolus and Remus founded Roma
  • 510 BCE

    Formation of a Roman republic

    510 BC the patricians drove the king away
  • 500 BCE

    Conquest of Italy

    The Romans began to expand
  • Period: 494 BCE to 443 BCE

    Converting Italy

    These wars were the punic wars
  • Period: 264 BCE to 241 BCE

    Punic war

    The war between Rome and Carthage
  • 44 BCE

    Julius Caesar death

    Killed by senators
  • 31 BCE

    Battle of actium

    The last big war fot the Roman republic
  • Period: 14 BCE to 68

    Julius and Claudius dynasty

    It means that they were the first five emperors and they ruled Rome.
  • 70

    Destroyed Jerusalem

    The main thing was to destroy the church and the whole city
  • 476

    the fall of the Western Roman Empire

    he was constantly losing his territories and they could no hold the power he as they had