Rodriguez&Sierra-Tex Rev1st

  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

    Beginning and end of the Texas Revolution
  • batle of gonzales

    batle of gonzales
    skirmish at gonzales texas,whena mexican garrison from san antonio came to take away the canon the town had previously been issued for defense against indians
  • battle of lipantitlan

    battle of lipantitlan
    the battle of lipantitlan was fought along the nueces river on november 4,1835 between the mexican army and texian insurgents,as part of the texas revolution.after the texian victory of the battle goliad,only two mexican garrisons remained in texas,frot lipantitlan near san pratio and the alamo mission.
  • texans though that the centralist threat to texans ended

    texans though that the centralist threat to texans ended
    the attakof san antonio begins at 3 a.m. incoherent street fighting drags on.miliam is killed on the bird day and burrieed where he fell.the site is now a city park
  • siege at the alamo begins

    siege at the alamo begins
    vanguardof the mexican army arrives at san antonio and the siege of thealamo begin.bowi,sick,cedes command of the alamo to travis.saanta anna makes his no prisoners announcent.
  • gonzales arrive to the alamo

    gonzales arrive to the alamo
    responding to travis" appea,32 texans from gonzales arrive at the alamo.they will leave bahind 20 washington_on_the brazos 150 miles east of san antonio,the texans conve a convention to from a new goverment
  • the alamo falls

    the alamo falls
    the mexican army advanced on the alamo.after repulsing two attacks,texians were unable to fend off a third mexican soldiers scaled the walls,most of the texian soldiers withdrew into interior buildings
  • texans herous day-the legend lives

    texans herous day-the legend lives
    friday and saturday,the annual texas herous day-the legend lives eveent will take place at the park and wildlifes monument hill kriesche brewerh state historic site in la grange,texas.this event is co-produced by the friends of monument hill brewery,the monument hill chapter of the doughters of the republic of texas
  • more than 300 texans are executed at goliad

    more than 300 texans are executed at goliad
    march 27,1836 was a 19th-century u.s. military figure on the texans army and leader during the texas revolution of 1835-36.after being outnumbered and surrendering to mexican forces at the battle of coleto creek,colonel fannin and nearly all his 344 men were executed soon afterward at goliad,texas,under santa anna"s orders for all rebels to be executed.
  • battle of san jacinto

    battle of san jacinto
    the battle of jacinto,fought on april 20,1836 in present day harris country,texas,was the decisive battle of the texas revolution.led by general sam houston,the texian army engaged and defeated general antonio lopez de santa anna"s mexican forces in a fight that lasted just eighteen minutes.about 300 of the mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured,while only nine texans died.
  • texas declaration of independence isadopted

    texas declaration of independence isadopted
    convention held in washington-the-brazos dclares texas an independent republic.unaware men in alamo remain under heavy mexican bombardment.