Rock n' Roll Through The Decades

Timeline created by emma.marawe
In Music
  • Hard Luck Blues

    Hard Luck Blues
    Roy Brown
  • Period: to

    50 years of Rock n' Roll

  • Rocket 88

    Rocket 88
    Jackie Brenston
  • Everybody's Somebody's Fool

    Everybody's Somebody's Fool
    Connie Francis
  • It's Now or Never

    It's Now or Never
    Elvis Presley
  • Let It Be

    Let It Be
    The Beatles
  • You're No Good

    You're No Good
    Linda Ronstadt
  • Rock With You

    Rock With You
    Michael Jackson
  • What You Need

    What You Need
  • The Downward Sprial

    The Downward Sprial
    Nine Inch Nails
  • Follow You Down

    Follow You Down
    Gin Blossoms
  • 3 Doors Down

    3 Doors Down
  • Beautiful Day

    Beautiful Day